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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Checking the Primary Homes Projects

Primary Homes is one of the top local developers in Cebu. They are one of the fastest growing Real Estate Developers in the region.  Primary Homes has projects in Cebu City, Consolacion, Argao, Lapu-Lapu City, Talisay City, and Bohol.  Part of my job is to know what is happening in the general real estate scene in Cebu.  For many years now, Cebu has enjoyed robust sales in the industry and companies like Primary Homes have captured a big chunk of the market.

I visited several of their projects and I was left very impressed with their workmanship and their ability to give the market what it wants. The first project that I checked out was their condominium project in Banawa. The Courtyards in Banawa is a walk up condominium concept.  Each condominium cluster at Courtyards is just 4 stories.  There are no elevators in the condominium buildings. The owners can have an option of either a studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units. The Courtyards is located near the Alliance of Two Hearts Parish in Banawa, Cebu City.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

1BR Unit for Rent at Movenpick Residences

A friend of mine is having his condo in Punta Engano, Mactan rented out.  His 1BR Unit in the 9th Floor of Tower I is for rent at 35,000 pesos including condominium dues. The nice thing about Movenpick Residences is that it is one of the very few condominiums in the Philippines that has world class beach resort amenities.  Belonging to the same complex of one of Mactan's most well-known resorts, residents can enjoy one of the best amenity areas among condo dwellers in Cebu. My friend's 1BR condo unit boasts of a view of the sea and you can watch the sun rise at the Hilutungan Channel everyday.  The bedroom and the living area each have a balcony where you can appreciate and be overwhelmed by the panoramic view.

This unit is perfect for people who love to stay near the beach and want to experience island resort living all throughout the year.  Renting this unit for 3 months is actually cheaper than staying at a luxury hotel in the area for 20 days. At 35,000 it is indeed, a bargain.  The minimum rental tenure is 3 months.  

My friend's unit is fully furnished.  It has a king-sized bed, as well as, several sofa beds.  The unit is cooled by 2 split-type air-conditioning units. It has 2 TV sets, a refrigerator, cooking appliances, bath tub, and a dining table at the balcony.

For more information and viewing inquiries, you may leave a VIBER message or Text +63-949-3721209.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Having Teppanyaki at Mismukuno

I was doing errands for my aunt and after finishing everything she asked me if I wanted to have lunch. I said sure. I am not the type of person who refuses a free lunch. When I was tuning in to Y101, I heard about this new restaurant in A.S. Fortuna. So, I drove there and I found Mismuko Teppanyaki just near the A.S. Fortuna-Maria Luisa junction.  I was able to find a good parking spot in front of the newly opened teppanyaki place.
 The first thing I noticed is their cool anime wall featuring some popular Japanese anime characters of the 80's and 90's.  I am an 80's kid and seeing the wall made me smile.  I saw Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Godzilla, Astroboy, Son Goku, Vegeta, and Gundam.   I am sold. 

Unlike other Japanese places here in Cebu, the food is cooked right in front you at Mizmukuno.  The customers are sitting around a big teppanyaki grill. When I was asked what I wanted, obviously, I want to get teppanyaki and I picked the beef teppanyaki. A single order of teppanyaki whether pork, chicken or beef includes a serving of sautéed cabbage and bean sprouts plus unlimited miso soup. For rice, you have a choice of plain or yaki meshi (Japanese Fried Rice).  I picked the yaki meshi, of course. For a 25-peso difference, I'd rather go Japanese.  My order tasted good and there is powdered chill for those who like their food in spicy side.  The beef was tender and the veggies were crunchy. 

The experience was fun and I am sure I will be back there someday.  I would love to try the other items like the steak, yaki soba, and tofu. I have to save up though because an order is around 200 pesos but all in all, the teppanyaki was worth every cent. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Pick + Mix Experience at Pizza Republic

It was one lazy Sunday afternoon and it was the last weekend before my wife goes back to school.  I did not plan of going somewhere that day save for going to mass. My father in law suddenly wanted to have pizza. What were our options? We were thinking about the usual suspects like Shakeys, Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab then I realized that there is a new pizza place that has opened in Salinas Drive.  I even saw a campaign in Facebook that gives free pizza for the first 30 customers there. So, I told Steph that we should check it out.

We drove down to Salinas Drive which just took around 10 minutes because it was a Sunday and the traffic so light.  The Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Guiseppe Genco was easy to find.  It is in the right side of the road coming from the I.T. Park and it is just the opposite of the road from Golden Cowrie. It is right after Mang Inasal

When we arrive, there were just a few people.  A very friendly staff approached us and introduced their restaurant concept to us. Basically, we can create our own pizza.  We can pick as much toppings or modify classics like Hawaiian pizza.  Steph just told him that our first pizza would be Hawaiian.  As the pizza maker started making it, we were told we can add toppings or we can add more cheese for example.

Our second pizza was decided by me.  I wanted to have a lot of meat in it and there was a gazillion of choices. There were even many choices for the sauce, cheese, veggies, and glaze. It could overwhelm a first timer.  I sometimes got that feeling that I was like a kid left and the candy store and I do not know what to pick.  I eventually decided to have the red sauce and the mozzarella as the base for my pizza.  I had some sausages, minced beef, and other old cuts. I put some caramelised onions and mushrooms.  Then, I had my pizza glazed with olive oil.

Since we felt that their pizza were a bit smaller than usual, we decided to make a third one.  We have it in white sauce, some meat, we put like 3 kinds of cheeses, and some green pepper.  While waiting a pretty staff member approached us if we want to use their tablet and take a photo that will be uploaded in there Facebook page. We took one shot then we asked her to take a photo of us in our smart phones.  We did not wait too long for our take out and we headed home.

We enjoyed our pizza creations.  I enjoyed the sweetness of the caramelised onion and the aroma of the pizza we made.  We want to go back someday and try different combinations. All in all, it was fun picking our toppings and mixing it up to create our very own personal pizza masterpiece. I want to go back there better prepared and ready to pick my favourite toppings. It is a fun experience that you should especially if you are the type who likes to experiment with new flavours and combinations.

If you have a nice pizza recipe, let me know I will try to recreate your masterpiece there. ;)

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