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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visita Iglesia 2012

As part of our Lenten tradition as a couple, my wife and I makes it a habit to visit at least one church on Maundy Thursday. 2012 was no different. This year, we visited 2 churches. The first was the Alliance of Two Hearts in Banawa. The Church is quiet special because when I was child, I was one of the little angels during Easter Sundays way back when Alliance was still a chapel. We used to lived in Limkakeng Subdivision. The second church we visited was the Redemptorist Church. It was the church where Steph and I got married in 2004. We were not able to visit more churches because started and late and line for confession was quiet long. Our new helpers May and Tata accompanied us. There were so many people who went around the churches of Cebu this year. Indeed, the Catholic faith is very strong in Cebu.

Every since we moved back to Cebu, we try to do a Visita Iglesia (spanish for Church Visit) during Holy Thursday. This tradition is quiet popular for Catholics in the Philippines. The churches are usually packed with devotees and the priests are busy hearing confession. Some people even visit as many as 14 churches. During the visit, people pray the Stations of the Cross. Before, the prayers are done with prayer booklets. Now, I saw many people using their Ipads, Galaxy Tabs and other gadgets as prayer aids. My wife even downloaded an android app for the Stations of the Cross and other prayers. It is quiet good to see that new technology has some application in faith. Who says that science and religion cannot mix?


Stations of the Cross app
Visiting Sto. Nino
Kristina's Baptism at Alliance of Two Hearts

Friday, April 27, 2012

Makin' a simple Fruit Salad

It's summer already and Cebu is experiencing one of its hottest summer ever. One good way of cooling down is through food.  One of my favorite "cool down" dessert is fruit salad. One day, we made a simple fruit salad. I call it simple because it is easy to make and you can easily buy the ingredients in any supermarket in Cebu. :)


Fiesta Fruit Coktail
Creamer (Nestle Creme, Condensed Milk)
Peach Halves
You can add any fruits in season like mango, avocado, etc.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lego embraces DOT's "It's more fun in the Philippines" slogan

A few days ago, I was in SM City Cebu to check on our company exhibit at the SM Northwing. The day was pretty typical until in the late afternoon when I witnessed the launching of a big Lego display in the SM North Wing Atrium. So, I checked it out and luckily, I was bringing handy Sony a330 camera.

It was truly impressive.  I used to own and play some Lego toys when I was younger and I can't help but be amazed by the effort poured by Lego to pull off such an impressive "masterpiece". The exhibit is rightly dubbed as "It's more fun in the Philippines with Lego". You can the Lego version of Philippine tourist attractions. I saw Lego versions of the Vinta, Sto. Nino Church, SM City Cebu, Plaza Independencia, Pearl Farm, and many more. The Lego creation was shaped like a Philippine map. You will definitely be impressed when you see it. The exhibit is a very nice way of supporting the Department of Tourism's slogan "It's more fun in the Philippines".  Hopefully, other companies will follow suit. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Josie and Carlo Boy move back to Aloguinsan

Our lontime helper Josie Aballe and her son Carlo Boy, have decided to move back to her hometown after over 10 years of service of the Miel family. It was tough to see them leave as they are considered like family to us.  It was Palm Sunday and it was a sad farewell indeed. We will surely miss them. Here are some of the pictures I took on that fateful day:

It is slowly sinking in for Carlo Boy 

Even our puppy felt that it will be the last time she will see her brother

The dogs spent their last time together playing

"Edward" Carlo Boy's pet

We will miss you Carlo Boy!

the rooster will have a new home 
bye bye

Dodong, Josie's hubby

Josie is a bit sad to go

We will surely miss them. When I married Stephie Josie and Carlo Boy were already living at the house. Carlo boy practically grew up at the Miel household. So many memories together but some good things have to end. They might not be there anymore but they always be remembered.

Mocha, our pet dog
Visiting Magellan's Cross with Josie and Carlo Boy
Plaza Independencia 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's more fun in Cebu: Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon

Finally, I was able to experience what is like to be in a Zipline. A couple of months ago, I along with some of my Rainmaker agents went to Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon in Liloan, Cebu. The place is known for its fish lagoon where you can fish for your own food, and its 800-meter Zipline. Here are some of my pictures when our group tried their Ziplines.

You actually zip in a sitting position or the more adventurous superman position. I tried the Superman position because i felt that I might be too heavy for the sitting position hehehe. Indeed, it was fun and worth it. I even wanted to try again but it was twilight already when we were finished. The location of the zipline is very nice and it has a spectacular view.
When it was turn, I was a bit scared of what will happen since it was my first time.  I was still smiling and shouting at the first part. I even did some poses for posterity sake. Then when I look down,  all I can see is water. I even imagined, what if the wire will snap and I would surely a big splash. 800 meters was quiet long but I really had a blast.
If you want to try something new or different this summer, check out the Ziplines at Papa Kit's in Liloan.


Is the Autogas advantage dead?

A few years ago, gas prices were skyrocketing uncontrollably and it lead some people to switch to liquified petroleum gas (LPG) or autogas.  Most of the taxis plying in Cebu use autogas. The increase in patronage to LPG lead to the opening of more gas stations and somehow many car owners were able to save some money as it was 30-50% cheaper than the regular unleaded gasoline. It is even way cheaper than diesel.

Last month though, the prices of autogas was higher than diesel. It was the first time ever that its prices were higher than diesel.  I was so stunned that I needed to take picture of it.  the prices decreased by 5 pesos last week as world prices for LPG has stabilized. Still, the prices are not as low as before.

In Manila, many taxis have switched back to gasoline and the drivers told me that it was for health reasons. Drivers noticed that they get thirsty more when driving a converted taxi and they feel that their health is sort of at risk by driving an LPG powered car.

In Cebu, LPG is still the king for taxis. Diesel taxis are slowly introduced when Hyundai accent was launched in the market. With the surge last month, I am sure that it made many taxi operators think what should be done to improve their situation.

Is the LPG advantage dead? Not yet but its price benefit is slowly being eroded. Before, LPG was seemingly immune to the gas price increase. Now, we are the mercy of the world market and the gas stations. I cannot still figure out why the prices of LPG in Manila is 34 pesos a liter while in Cebu, it is around 42. Maybe the LPG advantage is dead outside Manila. ;)