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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Anniversary at Cyma

To celebrate our 8th year wedding anniversary, I took my wife to Cyma Greek Taverna at the Ayala Terraces. I am very happy for the new milestone in our relationship. The 7th year was quite challenging and it was full of changes and new opportunities in our lives as an individual and as a couple.  I am vey thankful to God that he has a given ways to somehow overcome some challenges in our lives.  We would not also be able to be together for this long without the help of our parents, elders, and some dear friends.

If I have to include our years as girlfriend and boyfriend, Steph has been with me for over 17 years already. Such a long time already but it is really fun to have her by my side.  Judging from how long-term our relationship has become, long waits have been a norm. God know what have we been waiting for and who knows on the 8th year it will be fulfilled. ;)

Carlo and Steph poses at the garage
Posing at home before going to Ayala

Stephanie Arlene Miel Olano August 7, 2012
My lovely wife who seems to have stopped aging ;)

bread and dips at Cyma Restaurant
Appetizing appetizers!

The Dip sampler was superb!

Kakavia at Cyma
The Kakavia was memorable!

moussaka at Cyma Restaurant
Moussaka - Greece's national dish

Gotta love the breads

Anniversary dinner at Cyma
Souvenir pose

Carlo Andrew Olano on august 7, 2012
happy me!

7th year at Plantation Bay
Food Trip First quarter of 2012
Steph and Carlo at Olio

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zumba fever at the CICC

Aside from running and triathlon, another "in-thing" when it comes to fitness here in Cebu is Zumba.  Zumba is basically a latin-inspired dance fitness program.  It is easy to follow that kids and grown ups can have an exciting time while losing weight and gaining stamina.  Last weekend, a big Zumba event was sponsored by Gold's Gym Cebu at the Cebu International Convention Center.  There were many participants and they can in all shapes, sizes, and age groups.  Watching many people dance made me want to go to the gym again and join a dance class.  Since I was not dressed properly for the event, I decided to just be contended to taking pictures and cheering on the participants.  Here are some of the pictures that I took on the said event:

 Maam Evelyn, our colleague at the Rainmakers' Group at Robinsons Homes Cebu is the primary why went there.  Evelyn has been involved in aerobics for quiet some time now and she was very excited to join the event.  When we saw her, she was ready to go.

 Before the event started, Evelyn and a couple of friends spent sometime trying to perfect jump shots for posterity sake.
 Her group also did some "backling" while waiting for the sun to set so that event would start.

 Taking pictures was contagious as Steph and I joined the fun by taking some souvenir shots as well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where was I?: Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines

Last Sunday, the biggest triathlon event in the Philippines was held in Cebu.  The 2012 Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines drew over 1,000 participants from different countries around the world.  While I wished I was in London watching the Olympics, the half-Ironman event was a pretty good alternative.

I made sure I woke up early even if I had slept very late the day before.  By 7 am, I was making my way to Parkmall. I parked my car at the mall and the security guard asked me where I was going.  I just told him that my companion and I are going to Jollibee for breakfast.  I knew that he felt that I was lying because I was bringing 2 cameras with me. When we were near Jollibee, I told my companion Lenmar to buy me some burgers so that the guards will not think that we fooled them especially when  I heard the other guard radioing and saying that we look like photographers and not the Jollibee-going kind.

We just came at the right time as the first few bikers passed by the area for their ride to Talisay.  It so happened that the turning point for the bike portion of the race was just in front of Parkmall.  I was able to pick a nice spot to shoot pictures and cheer on the participants.  I even got some water bottles from the triathletes and I kept them as some sort of souvenir. 

Here are some of the photos I took during the event:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ninong Chronicles: Another Godson ... JL Castro Raga

I have a been a godfather or ninong for several times in my life.  The first time that somebody asked me to be the ninong of their son or daughter was way back in 1994 when my cousin Jan-Jan asked me to be the one of the godfathers of her first born.  After Trizia, I became ninong to Lizbeth, Bugsy and Ayesha to name a few. I even became a ninong to a wedding lasting year.  This year, Sheila and Kerwin asked me to become one of the ninongs of their son, John Lester. How can i refuse? 

Being a ninong is not just ceremonial.  Pre-baptism seminars would say that ninongs or ninangs will be like second parents to the child. Maybe or maybe not.  In my experience, it never ever happened that I play like a second parent of the child (thankfully..;)). Apart from giving gifts occasionally like birthdays and christmas, I have not really done anything super special to my god-kids.  It does mean though that my godchildren are not dear to me. They definitely are.  I really hope someday I can impart something really relevant in their lives.

Back to JL, well John Lester or JL is the son of Sheila and Kerwin.  Sheila and Kerwin are two of my most dependable agents.  They have been together for quiet sometime and finally, they are blessed with an offspring.  JL was baptized in Saint Joseph Parish in Talisay.  After the baptism, there was a get together at the house of Kerwin's grandmother.  Among my new kumares and kumpares are Nelfa (another agent from work), Marietta (a colleague at work), Ma Ely (who happens to be my ninang/auntie), and Titing (the partner of my cousin).

Indeed, it is quite funny that the my ninang is also a ninang of my godson. It is quiet weird actually.  Hehehe.

I just want to put this on my blog that I welcome the opportunity to become a ninong once again and hopefully, I would be a good ninong to JL and others. My only other prayer is that next year I would go to a baptism of my son or daughter as a parent and not just a ninong. ;)
catholic baptism
Kerwin, Sheila, and JL

ninang baptism
The ninangs

baptism at st. joseph parish talisay
proud ninongs
Christening of Kristina Lawas-Blanco
Ninong of a Wedding 2011
2nd Baby Rainmaker
Manila trip with Sheila and Kerwin
More fun at Aspen Heights 2012