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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The night that I danced....

It has been quite a while since I last visited the gym.  I have been a member of Fitness First Cebu for around 6 years already and my account was dormant for many months. I was practically wasting money every month by not even trying to go to the gym.  Last month, I finally decided to finally end my "misery" and cut my account. Unfortunately, I have to pay 1 more month before I can really have the account pronounced dead.  Since I got one month of pre-paid gym time, I gave exercise a shot once again.

I don't want to run yet as I am very much overweight and I do not think it would be good for my knees.  I was like 106.5 kilos when I started going back to Fitness First Cebu.  Well, I loved to join their Group exercise and I have been regular Group X dancer before. So, to make it fun I gave myself a dose of Body Jam, Body Combat, Zumba, and even Sh'Bam. After a few days, my body adjusted and muscle memory allowed me to somehow keep up with the regulars. 

The gym's Christmas party was fast approaching and one of the instructors asked me if I want to join their presentation.  Obviously, I was quite hesitant because I really felt that I was out of shape (and I really was).  On the other hand, I thought that it was boost that I needed to continue my gym membership and quest to have a six pack at 36. ;) I decided to say YES. And surely, I started practicing with the group of Cire and Cai.  Save for Cire, I was the only guy in the group.  I was thinking "what the heck am I going into".  Our music was tribal and it was well-choreographed by Cire. It was fun and I was keeping in step and some members obviously noticed me since I am the only fat guy in the group.

After mastering our main dance, I was informed that I have another dance and it will be with a partner.  It was going the first track of our performance. I was stunned.  I just thought I was invited to somehow provide a comic relief. Oh well, I got no choice but to practice my other dance.  My partner Lala is one heck of a dancer and I do not want to come out as an embarrassment. The constant practice and the stress probably helped me lose a few kilos of fat as I was down around 103 kilos during the 8th anniversary of Fitness First Cebu.

The day of reckoning came and I have to prepare my costume and have to look like a participant of a carnival.  I asked Ariane and Rexcy to help me create the Carnival King look.  Good thing that Angelica brought some nice rented costumes for the group.  I came unusually relaxed before the performance and I was just taking pictures and joking around with some people I know in the gym.  I learned that we will be the second group to perform.  After seeing a great number from the first group, I wanted to dance immediately to get it over and done with.  

It was our turn and I was like saying this is it and I told myself just have fun and hope that nobody posts a video in youtube. We had a blast in our presentation.  My teammates were really good and amazed that they can gyrate and wiggle and jiggle like pros. I think I did well enough to somehow blend in. In the end, our group won and I received a bag and a water jug from Fitness First Cebu.  The group was also awarded a buffet dinner as a prize.

It was a great experience.  I gained new friends, lost weight, and extended my gym membership.  Hopefully, I can sustain and win my battle against obesity.  I am actually starting to see results and I like it a lot. ;)

Here are some pics:

Me with Lala and Cai

My fellow performers

Look at how they dress up

I am supposed to be a King or something

I should have worn a mask too!

Some FF's friendly staff

Group 1

Group 3

We won!


Great party !

Don't hit me with the front kick

Cai and Cire!

FF Dance Gurus!
and someone took a video of our winning number..dang:


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Remembering Typhoon Ruping

As Super Typhoon Pablo approaches, I read somewhere that it will follow a similar path and strength as the 1990's historic howler Ruping. Oh I remember Ruping.  Ruping was the typhoon that knocked down Cebu and Veco for a few months.  I was a sophomore in high school then. No water, no electricity, and .... no classes. It's like the world stopped.

I had to take a bath in the almost dried up and sometimes mango juice-smelling Guadalupe river for almost a week.  My favorite food became Virginia corned beef for a while. 

Typhoon Ruping battered Cebu so much that there was no electricity for over a month.  I think our school's intramurals was even moved to a later date.

In a way, Ruping brought a lot of changes in our life.  Mineral water became the "in" thing.  Back then, mineral water was supplied by big brands like Viva and Summit.  Generator sales also went up as many industries needed the power. Even households bought generators to power deep wells for water.  Some even attributed Ruping as the start of Ceboom

Fast forward 2012...

Another Super Typhoon is on its way.  Unlike before, many people now have the internet and we can actually somehow know more information about incoming weather disturbances.  At least now, we can prepare for a typhoon days before it actually hits.  Weather forecasting now is somehow more accurate compared decades ago but there are just typhoons that are very unpredictable. Forecasts are never 100% right so it is best to err in the side of caution.

Costliest Philippine typhoons
1Parma (Pepeng)200927.3 billion608 million
2Nesat (Pedring)201115 billion333 million
3Fengshen (Frank)200813.5 billion301 million
4Ketsana (Ondoy)200911 billion244 million
5Megi (Juan)201011 billion255 million
6Mike (Ruping)199010.8 billion241 million
7Angela (Rosing)199510.8 billion241 million
8Flo (Kadiang)19938.75 billion195 million
9Babs (Loleng)19986.79 billion151 million
10Xangsane (Milenyo)20066.61 billion147 million
Even with more modern equipment and greater reach of mass communications, the 5 most destructive typhoons in the country happened within the last 4 years. Hopefully, Pablo will not dislodge any of the top 10.  It is time for us to prepare and brace for impact.  People should take this Typhoon seriously because it surely is bound to do a lot damage.  

We all still have around 2 days to prepare and make plans for the typhoon.  Keep safe, everyone!

UPDATE: Typhoon Pablo became the costliest typhoon ever but ST Yolanda could be as destructive, please prepare!!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time to prepare for a Super Typhoon...

A mean looking super typhoon is on its way to Cebu.  Typhoon Bopha which has winds of as strong as 240 km/h is expected to graze Cebu in a few days.   In a few hours, it will be known as Super Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines.  I do not think that many people are even thinking about this typhoon.  It has been sunny for a while here in Cebu and even today I can see that we have a very good weather.  Hey, it is time to really hype this typhoon because it is always better to err in the side of caution when it comes to weather disturbances.  Here are some tips that could help you and your family prepare for this once in 10 years event:

1. Start charging all electronic devices like emergency lights, cellphones, batteries, etc.
2. Buy flashlights and batteries because with winds over 200 km/h there is a definite possibility that electricity will be cut off.
3. Store water and food like biscuits, canned goods, and other easy to prepare items.
4. Strengthen houses that could be weak against wind.  Check roofs for leaks as well.
5. People in coastal areas, flood prone areas, and landslide prone areas should start making emergency and evacuation plans.
6. Prepare transistor radios to monitor the situation in case of brownouts.
7. Start coordinating with your local government and barangays about emergency procedures.
8. Never ignore government warnings about evacuation especially that we are dealing with a super typhoon.
9.  Do not go swimming or fishing out in the sea especially if you are a resident of the areas that are expected to be affected by the weather disturbance.
10. Do not go out of your house starting Tuesday unless it is necessary.

Based on the storm track of website , the typhoon is expected to cross Cebu on the Tuesday night or Wednesday dawn. Winds as strong as 200 km/h is expected when it ravages through the Visayas.  Residents of Surigao, Leyte, Bohol, Cebu, Negros, Panay and Mindoro should take this forecast seriously as Pablo could make landfall in any of these areas.

When was the last time that Cebu ever experienced a storm signal No.4?  Pablo is big possibility to have effects similar to Ruping in the 90's if people and the LGUs are not prepared.  It is time to be ready because this could potentially ruin a lot of Christmas plans.  Spread the word and feel free to make your own suggestions in making us all prepared and to minimize the damage and casualties.

UPDATE: ST Yolanda is coming, please prepare!


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