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Monday, September 30, 2013

Dance Dance Dance to Lose Weight...

I really wanted to lose weight and I do not like running. I am just not one of those who love job and run around in circles.  I think it is because I get bored easily. Good thing, I found a fun way weight to be fit. I really love dancing.  While it does not give the same calorie burn as a 10k, the fun factor for me is just more than 10 times better. 

The nice thing about dancing in Cebu now it is becoming as common as fun runs. There are daily and weekly public Zumba classes. You can even now dance inside the malls like Ayala Centre, J Centre Mall, Parkmall, and Robinsons Cybergate. It's convenient, fun, and more importantly, effective.

My "addiction" to dancing started when I went back to Fitness First Cebu late last year.  I was really out of shape and I have not worked out for 2 years. It was tough.  I do not like the sound of the treadmill when running even at the speed of 7.5 km/h. The pounding sounded more like a carpenter in hammering away rather someone running smoothly at the machine.  Heck, I did not want to embarrass myself.  Good thing my gym offers 3 kinds of dance classes. There is Zumba, Sh'Bam and Body Jam.  Zumba is probably the most popular fitness dance program in the world while Sh'Bam and Body Jam are programs designed by internationally recognized Les Mills.

I felt so much better in dancing and my stamina and skill improved after each session. I even made a lot friends because of dancing.  The group effect contributed a lot in my weight loss.  I was even able to invite a lot of friends to join the craze.  

Last summer, Fitness First Cebu launched its new programs at the Ayala Terraces. I was there  along with my wife and many of my colleagues at Robinsons Homes Rainmakers Group. I was not the only one having a great time. Here are some of the pics of my Summer of Dance:

Glace, Arian, Aliel and Jessa

Me, Nectar, Steph, and Angie

The Rainmakers during Intermission

Cry Cry and Kerwin joining the dance

Afternoon Dance

Posing with Cire and Lindy
Dancing is a good way to lose weight.  You do  not even have to spend anything as you can practically dance anywhere.  Dancing is a skill as well.  By improving your dancing skills, you will be more confident in your next Christmas presentation or the next time you go clubbing with friends.  Let's Dance! If you want to join us in the gym, let me know. ;)

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trekking then Swimming in a Hidden Falls in Toledo

Last Summer, Mama was invited by a family friend to visit her rest house in Toledo.  We jumped at the chance because we rarely go out hiking.  It was quiet enthusiastic because I sort off missed this kind of activities.  I missed going to hills, climbing trees, and exploring nature.

 The first part of our adventure involved hiking and trekking.  We crossed several streams and climb some hills for about an hour.  Steph and I were enjoying the walk as we had fun being trekking buddies. After minutes of trying to find the hidden waterfalls, we finally arrived in our destination.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Turning 37....

I recently turned 37. What's so special with 37? Nothing really but another year of life is a lot to be thankful for. Year 36 was pretty awesome and very memorable. It's time for me to sort of review how did year 36 went.

September - I was not able to celebrate my birthday because I had to go to Bohol because my Aunt Alice died and I am of the few relatives who can attend her funeral. It was a pretty tough. In the work front, I had 2 new agents TJ and CJ. The Rainmakers were really having a hard time getting new recruits to start a career in real estate sales but I felt that I had a pretty good team. 

October - I joined the Pink October Run in Ayala Terraces. It was probably the only fun run that I joined in 2013. I did not feel I was pretty fat then but I surely was. EJ came for a quick and we went to Bohol to visit the grave of Aunt Alice. At work, it was not a great start for the new fiscal but it is was pretty typical for us to have a slow October.  The Robinsons Homes team even went to Danasan to have a team building.  It could have been more fun if we had more time and money then.

November - As usual, Steph and I had to go to three cemeteries but we managed to visit our departed loved ones.  The streak of having bad second months in every quarter started and sales were hard to come by.  The group had a memorable time though in Manila during the national sales rally for Robinsons Homes. I finally decided to cut off my inactive gym membership but I was persuaded to give it another month.  So, I started going back to gym in November but not yet regularly. I started dancing and doing some weight training again. 

December - By being semi-active in the gym, I got invited to dance in one of the presentations for the gym's Christmas party. I did not know what got into me that I obliged. It was kinda funny when I look back at the video but we pulled it out and won.  Exercise became more regular and I started to lose weight.  I was like over 105 kilos then.  December was all about dance because we also danced in the Robinsons Homes Cebu Christmas party.  My sales group somehow recovered and started selling again in December. It was not satisfactory but it was way better than October.  We also had new agents in Jane and Jelly. 

January - The first month of 2013 was pretty awesome at work.  We actually sold more in the month compared to the first 3 months combined.  It was also fun as the group went to an island hopping tour to Nalusuan.  Kim Kim joined the Rainmakers.

February - Second month futility was on play again. Flo and I were furios at our agents and we could not believe why we cannot keep the momentum going.  I joined the Philhealth Fun Run.  I was able to finish my 3k without much incident but it was funny TJ came to the fun run at 7 am.  I spent Valentine's Day eating at Gue Gue Yakiniku at J Centre Mall. I even started a new blog on weight loss

March - March was all about fun runs and I am now comfortable with the 6k distance.  I also went home to Bohol because my Aunt Fely died and I was able to see my dad.  It was pretty sad as I learned that my Uncle Flory died a few weeks earlier. My uncle is the husband of my Aunt Alice.  At work, sales performance was quite good.  Robinsons Homes joined the USC Job Fair.  I was able to recruit my newly grads to explore a career in sales. I was not that optimistic that some fresh graduates would join us. 

April - It was a new quarter and I had a new bunch of property associates. Yel, Cry-Cry, Jap, Nezte, and Glace joined the team. The group became younger and the fun factor was raised to another level.  The group danced, exercised, and partied together. Sales performance was kinda record breaking as we sold a few lots in Blue Coast Residences.  We even gave Miss Jane a great surprise birthday party. Steph and I went with Mama Flor and Papa Noly to a hiking trip to a secluded waterfalls in Toledo.

May - It was election time and it was one of those shocking elections as some of the big names lost.  I cannot believe that Tomas Osmena can lose an election and he did. So did Eddie Gullas and Pabling Garcia. The bad second month streak continued as sales performance was very bad. All else though was fun.  Steph and I went to a road trip to Alcoy and we even had stops in Talisay and Ronda. Steph also joined the Rainmakers in our trip to Bantayan Island along with the rest of the people at Robinsons Homes Cebu. 

June - It was a memorable month able to meet up with my high school batch.  It was a good time to catch up with them.  I have not seen some them for over 20 years.  Janjan and family visited from Australia. I was able to join them in their Bohol trip and I attended the wedding of Iris, EJ's sister. Grace joined the Rainmakers.  She used to be a receptionist at Fitness First Cebu. 

July - July 2013 was best remembered as the month that we sold out all the lots in Blue Coast Residences. It was a pretty spectacular feat and we had our best month in history.  Grace and Nezte did very well.  Sheila was also back in the game. We also had sales in Aspen Heights.  

August - I was able to take photos of the 2013 Cobra Ironman held in Cebu.  Steph and I had a feast for our anniversary.  We went to Abaca on the eve of our anniversary and to Tavolata for our anniversary dinner.  It was a good start of the last month of the year 36.   We finally broke the bad second month streak as the group somehow managed to pull off some sales  special thanks to Nezte and Rexcy. 

Year 37 expectations: It will be a year full of surprises. New challenges to overcome and I am pretty excited.  I know that I can still grow and improve.  I need to show that this old dog can still learn some new tricks.  I aim to lose more weight, increase sales, have my firstborn, blog more, and become more awesome. 

Happy Birthday to me! ;)