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Friday, February 27, 2015

Food Trip: Ngohiong sa Carlos Special Ngohiong!

Ngohiong, Fried Chicken, Poso, Fried Batikon, Fried Liver

Two years ago, I wrote about a Ngohiongan in Fairlane, Guadalupe that has been one of my favourite places to have lunch. This time, I will be writing a long overdue post about another favourite place for ngohiong for Cebuanos.  Carlos Special Ngohiong is another small house-based eatery similar to
Doming's Ngohiong.  It is located in Mambaling but they now have branches in Mabolo and Guadalupe.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sinulog 2015: The other side

Aside from the religious aspect of the Sinulog and the a-la-Mardi Gras parade, there has been one other aspect that has grown over the years.  Sinulog is known among the younger generation as the grand street party of Cebu.  For the past couple of years, the crowds has swelled for the parties at the side streets.

A lot of production companies and establishments have taken advantage of the revelry and they have organized rave events and many stores offer good promos for beer and liquors during the season. Instead of watching the grand parade, many young people cram themselves in the narrow side streets and enjoy being face painted, given shots, taking free hugs and kisses, and greeting strangers Pit Senyor!
Boy from Siargao had a great sinulog 2015

party at Sinulog 2015

It is wet, wild, crowded and dirty but nobody really cares because everyone is having so much.  If you are the type that is claustrophobic then I strongly suggest never to go in the Juana Osmena area and the side streets going to Baseline, Redemptorist Church, and the back of STC because you will end up crushed specially past lunchtime. Some people even make a mistake of parking their cars in the area and complained later as their cars somehow got vandalised with poster paint.  Also, I really suggest that people with cars should not be stupid enough to go to that area in the afternoon because  most likely you will stuck for hours and there is a big possibility to you will run over liquor and beet bottles. You have to learn how to walk to enjoy the Sinulog to the hilt especially in that area.

street invasion at Sinulog 2015

Maan Reyes, Lot Gripo, and Carlo Olano at the Sinulog 2015 Robinsons Homes team

Some might not like this aspect of the Sinulog but for many, it is the very definition of Sinulog.  Sinulog for some is all about the paint, the soiled clothes, the drinking, and the dancing.  Some might try to control this aspect but  it is actually what makes Sinulog memorable for many.  A lot of young people now save up to come to Cebu, not only to watch the contingents or go to Church but they also want to party like nobody is watching. My friends from other provinces even wondered why their city do not hold such fun event. #PartyPaMore

Valentine's Day at Planet Grapes

Wines at Planet Grapes Cebu

Valentine's Day has always been an important "holiday" for my wife.  I have been "scolded" many times by her because I do not make preparations for February 14.  This year it is a bit different because for the first time in my life, I made reservations for Valentine's Day.  I decided that we will have lunch at Planet Grapes in Ayala.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sinulog 2015: Enjoying the Grand Parade

Since I had visitors in this year's Sinulog, I made it a point to let them watch the grand parade and see what Sinulog is all about.  A lot of people came here for the street parties and many tend to forget that those parties would now have been possible if there was no grand parade. Sinulog is also about street dancing, floats, giants, and celebrities. Many contingents train for a few months just to perform in Cebu's most popular festival. It would be sad if people would just focus in the beer drinking and the rave parties and forget to cheer and appreciate the amazing dance continents.  Many contingents are even from out of town and a few were from areas devastated by Yolanda in 2013. 

ABS-CBN float at the Sinulog 2015

Spectators taking selfies with Sinulog participants

MAngo Avenue Sinulog 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sinulog 2015 Moments: Sinulog 2015 Look

Usually, I do not care how I look during the Sinulog.  I rarely buy new shirts for the event because most likely it will not be wearable after an awesome Sinulog street party. This year is different since I have guests from Manila.  I really encouraged them to buy some Sinulog shirts just to get a better feel of our famous festival. Since it was there first time, I wanted them to look the part and that also means that I have to somehow set an example.

Maan and Lot bought shirts from Island Souvenirs and had it cut and styled. Steph and I bought shirts there as well.  We went to Mango Avenue very early.  I parked my car in Ayala Center Mall then after breakfast, we rode a cab to Redemptorist Church.  It was early morning and the taxi was able to reach the Church easily.

We were at the parade a quarter past 9 AM.  There were a lot of vendors offering their goods like whistles and other Sinulog accessories.  Their were also people offering Henna Tattoes and face painting. Since we had time to spare, we all decided to have our faces painted.  It was not that expensive as rates go as low as 20 pesos depending on your chosen design.  The complicated ones were like 70-100 pesos. 

Sinulog 2015 Face paint

Steph picked a butterfly design for her face.

I had my hair coloured just for fun.  I picked green to match my shirt.