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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Watching UV beat Ateneo de Cebu in Cebu Milo Passerelle

For years, I have been a basketball fan but I rarely go to match venues to watch the games.  I just usually watch in the NBA and PBA on TV.  When I was living in Manila, I sometimes go to the Ateneo Gym to watch PBL or UAAP.  When I moved to Cebu, I just keep track the going-ons of the local basketball scene via newspapers or websites. 

Cebu has a very lively local basketball scene. Many players make their name here before moving to Manila to become full-fledged basketball stars.  Greg Slaughter, Junmar Fajardo, Jerie Pingoy, Roger Pogoy, Eliud Poligrates, Kris Porter, and JR Quinahan are just few of the many Cebuanos who are making their mark in Manila. 

A few weekends ago, I got to chance to see the championship match in the Passerelle division of the Cebu Milo Twin Tournament.  Milo has been a big supporter of basketball in the younger division. Many of our local basketball stars played first in the Milo tournaments before becoming varsity players. 

In Cebu, the powerhouse for these levels are USC, Sacred Heart, and UV.  The Cebu champions will be the City's representative in the Visayas Regional Finals to be held in Roxas City in November and the regional winner will play in the National finals to be held in Cebu this December. 

The championship match was between the University of the Visayas and the Sacred Heart School Ateneo de Cebu. During the warm-ups, I noticed the disparity between the height of the teams.  The height advantage were obviously in SHS-AdC's favor. If looks could score, Ateneo would hands down be the champion.  Sacred heart School also had more fans.

UV's lack of height was well compensated with their heart, speed, skills, and long range shooting touch.  The game started at  frenetic pace as both teams were exchanging a lot of missed shots.  UV drew first blood but Ateneo led the lanky Jed Colonia were able to get the upper hand after the end of the first with a score of 10-6.  What is so nice about the Milo format is that all players are required to play. Each team will have different fives in each quarter while substitutions are only allowed in the final period.

The second period was even as AdC's Andre Chua and UV's Denzel Sabroso paced their respective teams. Halftime score was 22-18 in favor of Ateneo. The third period became a major turning point of the game as UV overhauled the deficit via the hot hand of John Clint Paquibut. The thin and not so tall teenager hit 3 three point shots and added three more field goals to score 15 points in the quarter.  UV led 40-31 entering the pay off period.

Ateneo showed that the game is not over yet as they used a vicious full court press to take the lead via a 10-0 blast.  Andrew Velasco was the main man during the blistering run. Eventaully, the UV players were able figure out how to break the press and they were able to knot the game at 47-all. 

With few minutes left and the score was tied, the fans at the Capitol Parish gym were in for a treat as a classic ending is about to happen. The possession was with Ateneo.  Andrew Velasco attempted a long jumper but he missed the shot.  The active Jed Colonia was there to get the rebound and hit the follow-up to give Ateneo the lead at 49-47.  UV answered with a booming triple from Denzel Sabroso to grab the lead at 50-49. Andrei Chua was called for travelling in the next possession giving UV the ball.  Ateneo were forced to foul but the UV players were clutch at the free throw line.  

With 12 seconds left with the score of 56-51, Ateneo had the ball. Andre Chua atoned for his earlier miscue with a quick 2 to make it a one possession ballgame at 56-53.  The inbound play tense and the active hands of Andrew Velasco resulted to a steal and ball ending up at Chen's hands. Chen took a hurried 3-point attempt hoping to tie the game but his shot was off the mark.  UV got the rebound as the buzzer sounded and UV is the 2014 Cebu Milo Passerelle Champion. 

I never knew that watching high school basketball could be this fun.  The competition was intense and I can feel the passion of the Cebuano fans.  I will surely watch the players of this level because I know many of the name will be household names in the future. 

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Friday, July 18, 2014

It's More Fun in Cebu: Liv Superclub

The newest upscale dance club in Cebu is fast becoming one of the favourite weekend destinations of the young and the young at heart.  Liv Super Club is located at the City Times Square near Parkmall in Mandaue City, Cebu.  Liv Super club is touting itself as the first and the biggest luxury club in Cebu.

The club features some of Cebu's top DJ's every night and they have many events that feature some of the best DJs in the Philippines and the world. Based on the accounts of party regulars, the club is at par with some of the best bars in Manila. 

Every corner of the club is beamed with laser lights and every table are decorated with lights. As you enter Liv Super Club, you will easily notice the towering LED screen at the DJ booth.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's more fun in Cebu: Papa Kit's #summer2014

Looking for a cool adventure? One nice place to go to in Cebu is Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon in Liloan.  A couple of years ago, this place is only known for its zipline. I actually had my first zipline ride at Papa Kit's and I have been bringing friends there ever since. I went back there with a couple friends early in the #summer2014.  I was letting some of my loyal property associates experience some sort of adventure. We were planning to go to Balamban but I felt that it was too far so I decided to just go to Papa Kit's.

I normally go to Papa Kit's to ride their zipline but this time I wanted to explore the place and try out new things. The group wanted to find out what other activities we can do at the resort.  The first new thing that we saw is the wakeboarding facility.  Nezte and I were really curious on how it feels to ride the wakeboard.

After checking the new facility, the group decided to try the zipline first.  I did not join anymore since I have done it several times already. Ariane, Febe, Nezte, and Juliet enjoyed their ride.  Grace decided not to do it since she was very scared.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Renewing my S & R Membership

After several months of dillydallying, my wife and I finally renewed our S&R membership.  S&R has been one of the coolest grocery store I've ever been to.  It has a lot of items that you do not usually find in regular supermarkets here in Cebu. To be able to shop at S&R, one has to be a member.  The annual membership is 700 pesos and the supplemental membership is at 400 pesos. A member can bring up to 2 guests per visit.

The renewal just took us around 5 minutes and after that we were able to shop.  There were many cool items at the store and if you are an impulsive buyer you will surely end up buying more than what is needed. S&R has a good selection of goods that includes gadgets, home appliances, clothes, pillows, blankets, furniture, detergent, food, beverages, toiletries, and personal grooming items. 

Just like other warehouse shopping outlets, most of the items comes in the largest packaging. If you keep on picking up the nice things, most likely you will have a very large bill to pay. I ended up really paying a lot in my first shopping spree after my renewal.

Another nice thing about S&R is that they have excellence choice in their food service. The pizza, burger, salad, rolls, and chicken are delicious. Their pastries and ice cream selection is magnificent.  I really ended buying and eating so many things that day.  I do not know when I will be back there but for sure, I will be bringing a lot of cash next time just to be sure.
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Balikbayan Chronicles: Sunday at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa

After the crazy food trip night with Fabie and Elyse, it was my turn to visit the Polotans in their hotel.  When i learned that they will be in Shangri-La Mactan for the next 3 days, I made sure to make time to go there. We were supposed to have lunch together but it was such a lazy Sunday that Stephie and I arrived at Shangri-la at around 2 pm.

They told me to meet me at the poolside because the kids are swimming and the adults are drinking with friends at the Buko Bar, the hotel's poolside restaurant.  Janjan and Ej told me to order lunch.  I saw that Buko Bar has this World Cup Burger offering and I got very curios.  I told my wife that we will just get a couple burgers.  

The Buko Bar's World Cup Burgers feature 7 different hamburgers inspired by 7 countries playing for the World Cup. I decided to get Germany and Brazil as both teams play in the Brasil 2014 semifinals later that day. Germany burger has sausage in it while Brazil has baked beans.

Each burger costs 500 pesos and it comes with a serving o french fries.  The order is quite big and I was even obliged to finish my wife's burger.The afternoon was filled with funny conversations and catching up with each other's lives. It would have been more fun if my mom and my two brothers and their families were here as well. I am usually the one left out since I am the only one in my family who is not living in Australia

We took a lot of photos and we hope that next time we will all meet in Australia. My wife and I cannot stay too long for she has a block exam the next day.  The visit was short but very memorable. It was fun seeing them this year and hoping to see them next year.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Balikbayan Chronicles: Crazy "International" Foodtrip with Fabie and Elyse

On their second night in Cebu, my cousin Janice asked me to "babysit" her two youngest kids. Fabie is now 16 and Elyse is 14. Since the two cannot go to bars yet, I was tasked to give them a rated PG night out. The only thing I can think of is to have a food trip.  I know that they love to eat especially Fabie and they happen to have a Food Blogger wanna-be uncle. So, food trip is the way the go!

I remember last year, my wife Stephie and I brought the two to Chatime to have some milk tea and fries. Fabie also had a Bully Boy at the Army Navy Burger afterwards. This year, I wanted them to try something different. Fabie and Elyse told me that the food choices at Toowoomba was a bit limited.  So, I wanted them to enjoy and taste different cuisines from around the world.  Who knows, these two could become better food bloggers compared to their uncle. The theme of the night was Carlo, Elyse, and Fabie goes International!

Fabie and Elyse enjoying their Shawarma
The first stop of our unique food trip was Jafar's Shawarma Station in Banilad Town Center.  We were supposed to go to Pizza Republic but there was no open parking space so I decided to just move on and look for another place to eat.  I told them that instead of Italy, we have to go to the Middle East first and have a shawarma as a warm-up.  Shawarma is a slow grilled meat preparation that is very popular in Arab countries. At Jafar's, you can either have it in a wrap or with plain or biryani rice. You can also choose the meat. Jafar's Shawarma station has chicken, beef, chorizo, and even chickpea. The sauce can either be mild, regular or spicy.  

Fabie and Elyse both ordered chicken shawarma wrap while I had chorizo. Elyse preferred the regular sauce while Fabie and I had spicy sauce on our wraps.  They love it. I really like the spiciness of my Shawarma sandwich. I told my two nieces that it was just the beginning of a very belly-filling journey. We downed a bottle of water each before we headed to our next destination.

Balikbayan Chronicles: Chat time at Chatime

Me with Elyse (seated) and Marion
Dr. Janice Polotan with yours truly
My cousin from Down Under has visited Cebu once again.  My first cousin Dr. Janice Polotan arrived in Cebu last Friday and wanted to chat immediately. Even it was almost midnight, I drove to Elizabeth Hotel to pick her up along with 2 of her 4 kids, Marion and Elyse.

The last time they were in Cebu was last year and I brought Elyse to Chatime in I.T. Park.  She really liked it there and she enjoyed it more when she was able to enjoy milk tea in Chatime Australia. When I asked where do they want to go, Elyse said Chatime. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Make a Pizza that you can Enjoy at Pizza Republic

I went back to Pizza Republic Pix + Mix by Guiseppe Genco yesterday.  This time, I came more prepared than the last time I went there.  My first visit was during the day the store opened and I knew I could have done better with my pizza then.  I was satisfied with my first ever creation there but when it comes to making food, the best does not come out after doing it once. I basically went back with a vengeance.

Pizza is probably one of the easiest food that you can make. Children can do it. Old people can do it.  If done right, you can have an Italian masterpiece.  If you do it wrong, you could end up having an upset stomach. You rarely can do wrong though, with Pizza but there are combinations that work so well together like and Ham and Pineapples, Beef and Mushrooms, 4 different types of cheeses, etc.

How many pizza slices can you eat in one sitting? Way back in college (like decades ago), I think my record in eat all you can at Pizza Hut was over 15 slices.  Pizza Republic is not an eat all you can place but if you "invent" your new personal favorite, probably you will end up making and eating more than 1 whole Pizza.

Here are the steps in making a pizza at Pizza Republic:

Step 1: Pick a Sauce
You will be given a choice between red and while sauce. The red sauce is a tomato based sauce while the white sauce is the creamier cheese and butter based sauce. Traditional pizza calls for the red but some establishments make white sauce variants like Da Vinci Pizza.

In my recent visit, I picked red. Hands down I will pick red sauce 9 out of 10 times.

Make your own pizza at Pizza republic
Cheeses and Sauces
Step 2: Pick you Cheese
Pizza Republic has a lot of cheese choice.  The usual suspects will be there like the popular mozzarella, cheddar, cream cheese, Parmesan and kesong puti.  They could offer more choices on some days and sometimes less. 

For my pizza, I picked Mozzarella and cheddar. You can never go wrong with Mozzarella. I just added cheddar because I can do that there and I wanted different cheese flavors in my pizza.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Enjoying Meat at The Pearl Meat Shop

I love food and I cannot deny it.  In some days, I really like to eat at restaurants that allow me to create my own food.  A few days ago, my foodie friend Nezte Virtudazo brought me to a Korean meat shop and he said we were eating there. At first I thought he was joking since he is one heck of a joker but when we went inside The Pearl Meat Shop in A.S. Fortuna, Banilad, I was amazed there were several people having dinner.

The concept of The Pearl Meat Shop somewhat similar to a Yakiniku house but with a different twist. Since it was a meat shop, they have several cuts of meat to choose from. The meat cuts were listed under their Korean names with English translations. They have names like Samgyeopsal (pork strips)Moksal (pork neck), and galmaegisal (pork skirt meat) for the pork cuts. There were 8 choices of beef cuts including short plate (U-Samgyeop), Ansim (Tenderloin), Chuck Eye Roll (Mokdeungsim). and the fancy Angus Rib Eye (Kotsdengsim).

Their meat choices are quiet affordable.  Orders comes in thin slices and the quality is very good. The diners will cook their own food on the stove-top grill that is in every table there. Prices range from 180-400 pesos per order depending on the cut of meat.