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Friday, March 30, 2012

Work: Robinsons Homes have RFO units now at Aspen Heights

Finally, there are ready for occupancy (RFO) units at Aspen Heights Subdivision. The middle class development by Robinsons Homes is located at Danlag/Tolo-tolo Consolacion. Robinsons Homes completed 3 model houses so far with 2 under construction. The units are 2 storey single detached houses with a price range of 2.5M to 4.1M Pesos. Here are some of the pictures of the houses.

Fiona-  SOLD

Completed houses

Gazebo overlooking Consolacion

The clubhouse at the elevated portion of the subdivision
Model houses


For more details about the project, you may check out or contact me via email:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Food Trip: Ngohiongan at Fairlane Village Guadalupe

Aside from puso (hanging rice) and steamed rice, another Cebuano "original" is the ngohoing (ngo-yong). Ngohiong is Cebu's version of vegetable lumpia. It is very popular here in Cebu that you can buy it in dimsum places like Harbour City or in the streets at your favorite pongko-ponko stall. One popular food spot known for ngohiong is in Fairlane Subdivision in Barangay Guadalupe.  It is just a small eatery, but it is usually packed during lunch time. 

One time, I had a craving for this crunchy food item. I decided to take some of my agents to Doming's at Fairlane to have a taste of the best ngohiong according to many people. We went to Doming's Ngohiong to eat lunch; but, we had to wait for a bit because they ran out of puso. The ngohiong is freshly fried when it came. I also ordered some fried batikon (chicken gizzards).  We really enjoyed our lunch and the best part is that we did spend that much. Currently, the ngohiong is sold for only 6 pesos ($0.15) a piece and the puso is only 2 pesos. If you are in a saving mode, you can actually have a lunch with just 20 pesos (2 ngohiongs and 4 puso). The key to an enjoyable ngohiong meal is the sauce and Doming's sauce compliments their ngohiong very well. No wonder many people go there to have lunch every day.  If you happen to be in Guadalupe and looking for an affordable lunch alternative, try Doming's. Beware you might become one of their suki (regular customers).

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu
Look at the prices!

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu
Perfect Combination:Ngohiong and Puso

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu
Freshly Friend Ngohiong at its best

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu
Ngohiong Sauce

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu

Doming's Ngohiong, Fairlane, Guadalupe, Cebu City - Best Places for Ngohiong in Cebu
Fried Batikon!
Additional Info:
Driving Directions: Go to V.Rama Avenue, make your way towards Guadalupe Church, when you reach Guadlupe Elementary School there is a small road on the left side of the street and you will see the signage of Fairlane Village.  Go to that road, then turn right and follow the road and you will see the eatery.  Park your car when you find an open space along the road, just make sure you do not block a house gate.

Jeepney: 06B or 06H. Just tell the driver that you want to get off Fairlane or just go down meters after Guadalupe Elementary School and walk towards the subdivision.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sports Event: Cebu International School Friendship Cup

The Cebu International School (CIS) hosted a football festival last weekend.  Many schools, clubs, and companies sent teams to compete in different divisions. The weather was great for football all week long. 

I went to see the Sunday games because my wife's pupils were playing. Sunday and football is indeed a perfect match. I was able to witness the games for the player 6, women's open, girl's 14, and BPO divisions. The matches were very competitive and I really had a great time watching the 6 year olds. I can see many future football stars from Cebu. Another nice thing about the mini-tournament is that weather was really good and the pitch was perfect for the beautiful game. 

My wife's students did not win a game but I can see in their faces that they had fun.  The Children's Paradise Montessori School team has improved and hopefully someday they can be a force to reckon with in kid's football. Here are some of pictures I took during the CIS Friendship Cup:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Les Miserables at Cebu Cultural Center

Today ,will be the last day of the Cebuano production of Les Miserables at the Cebu Cultural Center in Lahug. The production is sponsored by the Provincial Government of Cebu.

We watched the show last night and we really had fun. The sound system could be improved but overall the local production did well. The show highlights the talents of Cebuano thespians. You can buy your tickets for today's show at the ticket booth in the Cebu Cultural Center. The Matinee show will start at 3:00 pm. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Video from Cebu goes viral (20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines)

*Since the video was removed in Youtube, you may go to to see it. :)

When I was tuning in the radio this morning, I listened to Killer Bee's "Good Times with Mo Twister". He was talking about a video made by a foreign guy about the 20 things he disliked about the Philippines. Mo Twister even interviewed Jimmy Sieczka about the video. When I got back home, the first thing I did was to check out I found the video funny. I am sure though that some people might get "offended" by what was presented.

For me, it is a none issue. He did not fabricate anything. There are a lot of things to dislike about the country, but there are also many things to like in this country. Everything has pros and cons and the Philippines or Cebu is no different. 

The video was obviously shot in Cebu. Here is the summary of the things he observed in Cebu.
1. Manholes covered with a drum. Well, it is a short-term fix, but it would have been more dangerous if it was left uncovered especially at night when a lot of pedestrians walk on the sidewalk. The DPWH and the local government should take note of this observation.  Act fast or else people will find unique solutions to some problems. ;)
2. Cialis sellers. Oh yeah, you will see a lot of them at Robinsons Mall at Fuente Osmena. The funny thing though is that they sort of like just sell it to foreigners. I remember the outrage one time when somebody declared that tourists come to the Philippines mainly for sex. Well, the salesmen are surviving.  They definitely have a good market. If you are a cheapo, go buy Robust instead, hehehe.
3. Unsanitary markets. Cannot argue with it, but supermarkets like SM are slowly killing the old-fashioned market. You can now see the sanitary and air-conditioned market every few kilometers in Cebu. Better take pics of Carbon Market, because someday your children might ask what it was like back when there was no Savemore or Hypermarket. The big businesses are actually slowly killing the small time retailers. 
4. MILFs. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front existed before MILF (Mother I like to F) became a byword. What's the beef with it? Maybe it destroys some fantasies that instead of thinking of a hot mama, you will visualize a macho dude, with an M-16 instead. LOL:) 
5. Unsafe construction/ Unfinished buildings. There is a construction boom now in Cebu and a lot of buyers of those expensive condominiums are foreigners, hehehe.  Some are even sold out, before it is being completed. Gamblers, I guess! hehehe
6. Whitening. It's good for your skin hehehe. Women outnumber men now, so that is basically survival of the fittest. Since Pinoy men or the media portray having fair skin as the definition of beauty, then what would stop those Pinays from wanting to become whiter. It would have been weird if whitening is the in thing  with the Caucasians. It's just like the obsession of some for tanning. Touche' :)
7. Pollution. Is there a city now without it? Unless you go to places that are considered cities, but do not look like one. Check out cities in Negros, Mindanao, the city of Naga, Bogo, etc. There is not much pollution there.   But, then again, those are different kinds of cities.
8. Plastics. Indeed, it is a annoying that you buy some small stuff and they still have to be in a plastic. Unless you are buying condoms or Cialis, plastics are useless when buying small items. hehehe
9. Shitty Drivers. If you arrest every shitty driver in the Philippines, we might solve the traffic problem, as only a handful would be able to drive. The problem though is that basic services might suffer because nobody will be driving the jeepney, buses, fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, tricycles, and "habal-habals". ;)
10. Comfort Rooms. Just bring your own tissue. If the malls places tissue inside, it might get stolen anyway. Some malls even have classier CRs for a fee. Fork out if you can afford. :)
11. Guards. They have their purpose and it is a dangerous job, after all. Do not ever try to pretend to be one. Many guards die during heists and bank robberies.
12. Peeing. Guilty, but after his rant on comfort rooms I think open spaces are more sanitary than some CRs here. hehehe.
13. Being frisked at the mall. Well, if you like touching people, you could apply as a guard. Now that is a good reason to dress up as a security guard.
14. Beeping. Beep Beep. Wait till you hear those unique beeps, like the laughing one.
15. Small Napkins.  Just use many and do not forget to bring some more, because you might need it when you use the CR! :)
16. Beggars. You will find them almost everywhere, but you can tell them "Wala koy kwarta".
17. Roosters. Try going to a cockpit and see a cockfight to get your immunity. :)
18. Bass. Boom Boom Bo Boom Boom Yeah Super Bass. Usually you will find the nice looking girls in those places, just follow the base. :)
19. Lady Boys, Prostis, and Koreanos. Some like them. It is a niche. The Koreanos are part of the economy. Multiplier effect. hehe
20. Traffic Boys. Oh yeah, annoying. But, it is good that they just do that, rather than be a snatcher.  You are lucky that they do not steal your stereo or side mirrors. With 5 pesos, you actually encourage them to be cops, rather than robbers. :)

All in all, it was a funny video.  If you have a good idea, they might be able to help you make your own funny video. I might make one, myself, because I am "pissed off".  Hehehe. ;)

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fire Prevention Tips

It is March again, the Fire Prevention Month. During this month, the country experiences the most number of fires in a year. As of March 10, 2012, there were 8 fires already in Cebu. Several Cebuanos were left homeless and some even died. Here are some helpful information relating to fire safety and prevention.

Fire Station Numbers:
In case of fire call 160 in any landline

Here are some of the direct lines

Cebu City Fire Station
Tel. Nos. 2560541 / 2548385 DirectLine: 2550862

Cebu Fil-Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade
Tel. Nos. 2540200 / 2540300 Mobile: 0918-9099785

Mandaue City Fire Department
Tel. Nos. 3444747 Hotline: 3443364

Talisay City Fire Department

Minglanilla Fire Department

Argao Fire Department

Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF)

Fire Safety Tips:

1. Check electric appliance and its wires regularly.
2. Make sure to turn the valve off of the LPG or Gasul when not in use.
3. Unplug appliances when not in use.
4. Make sure your house has a fire exit. Make sure everyone knows where to go in case of fire. 
5. For people who have fire extinguishers, check these regularly. Check expiry and once it's used, you have to replace it.
6. Do not overload extension cords.
7. Do not let wires run under rugs or flammable materials.
8. Know the emergency numbers.
9. Keep cooking areas free from combustible materials. Smother flames when grease or oil catches fire rather than pour water.
10. Keep matches and lighter out of children's reach. 
11. Educate the children about not playing with fire.
12. Never leave candles unattended.
13. During brownouts, unplug the appliances.
14. If burned, place wound under cool water for at least 10 minutes.
15. During fire, never try to go back and get your things once your house is burning. Many people die due to smoke ingestion. Stay in an open space away from smoke if possible.


Cebu Emergency Numbers
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines: Argao, Cebu

The new slogan of the Philippine's Department of Tourism (DOT) is "It's more fun in the Philippines". The slogan received some praise and it also has its share of critics. Me? I would rather support it. So in the spirit of the new thrust of DOT, I will try to write articles relating to it.

It's summer already and some of you might be looking for places to visit and explore. Today, I'm gonna share my recent visit to the town of Argao. The municipality of Argao is located 68 kilometers south of Cebu City.

It's more fun in Argao Cebu
Do you like my cap?

It's more fun in Argao Cebu
A giant guitar?
It's more fun in Argao Cebu
What a big Torta!

It's more fun in Argao Cebu with Shiela Castro and Kerwin Raga

It's more fun in Argao Cebu
 The first place we visited when we went there is the town's Church. This Church was completed in 1788. Argao's patron saint is St. Michael the Archangel. The feast day is on September 29 (just like Jagna, Bohol, my dad's hometown).  Just like the typical towns in Philippine provinces, the church is located near the municipal hall and the town plaza. You can take a lot of awesome pictures when you are in the town center. The plaza is clean and well maintained. 
It's more fun in Argao Cebu - Argao Chocolate
Hot choco later!

It's more fun in Argao Cebu
Pic with Guilang Tableya's lady boss

It's more fun in Argao Cebu
The famous Torta de Tuba of Argao, Cebu

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8 Tips on Typhoid Fever

The town of Tuburan in Cebu has a Typhoid fever outbreak. Around 900 residents were reported to have contracted the disease. The main cause of the outbreak is attributed to contaminated water.  Here are some tips to prevent the spread of the disease:

1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and boiling for at least 30 seconds.
2. Boil water for drinking if bottled water is not available.
3.  Wash well after urinating or using the bathroom.
4. When brushing teeth, use bottled water if possible.
5. Choose raw fruits or vegetables that you need to peel first before eating because of the possibility of the fruits/veggies being rinse in contaminated water.
6. For meals, choose hot foods.
7. Avoid sharing utensils and glasses.
8. Get vaccinated.


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Monday, March 5, 2012

Pinoy Pride 12: Spoiled by a fake opponent

I always have been a sports fan. I probably got it from my parents and my aunts and uncles. When I was younger, I saw them cheering for Crispa or Toyota and also for boxers like Leonard, Navaratte, Tyson, Penalosa, etc.  The love of sports was somehow handed down to me. I keep on track on the latest in sports specially when it comes to Filipino athletes. 

The first live boxing card that I ever saw was an ALA promotion way back in 1989.  I saw the young Gerry Penalosa, ALA Villamor, Andy Tabanas and other future world challengers in an amazing boxing line-up held at the Cebu Coliseum. 23 years forward, the ALA Promotions is still active in the local boxing circuit.

Their most recent card was held in Bohol in it featured Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista and other prospects from the ALA Stable. Boom-Boom was supposed to fight a tough Mexican named Genaro Garcia. The hype was great before the fight as ALA gathered many sponsors and they have the backing of a television network. All was supposed to be well until it was found out that another "Genaro Garcia" came to the Philippines. It was not the Genaro Garcia who have battled for world championships but the Genaro Garcia who had a record of 10 wins along with 11 losses.  The organizers were decent enough to refund the paying fans and offer the fight card for free. As expected, Bautista easily beat Garcia. 

We are lucky that we are in the age of the internet and boxrec. If not, we would have thought that our athletes have beaten some tough opponents when in fact, a patsy with the same name came to our country to earn some quick buck. I guess the Mexican agent thought that Filipinos are that ignorant. If you search Genaro Garcia in, you will actually get 4 boxers with the same name.  I hope that nobody will try to put a stunt like that again. The fans deserve better and once again, kudos to ALA promotions.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cebu Medical Schools do well in the February 2012 Physician Licensure Exam

Jon Karl Velasco of the Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) placed second overall in the February 2012 Physician Licensure Exam. He garnered a rating of 85.92. He is one of the 8 passers from CIM. The school got a 100% passing rate.

Cebu Doctor's University had an 83% passing rate as 10 of its 12 examinees become full-fledged doctors. All first time takers from CDU passed (6 of 6).

Gullas College of Medicine had 20 passers but their passing rate was just 38.46% as 32 other examinees failed to get a passing mark.

Southwestern University- College of Medicine had the most number of newly minted doctors among Cebu schools with 25 and their passing rate was 59.52%.

The national passing average was 52.5% (520/990).

Congratulations to all the new doctors!!!


CIM Student No.2 in February 2012 Licensure exam
List of Passers

Christening of Kristina Hyacinth Lawas Blanco

The blog congratulates Kristoffer Gil Blanco and Rose "Lotlot" Lawas on the christening of their daughter Kristina Hyacinth. The baptism was held at the Alliance of Two Hearts Parish in Banawa and the reception was held at their house.

Here are some of the pictures of the bunyag. ;)