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Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 Christmas Party Season : Bamboo Bay

It's December already and Christmas is definitely the undisputed king of holidays in the country.  In Cebu, it will the season when the pigs are few because most of it end up as lechon. It still the middle of December and I have been to several Christmas parties already. In fact, my Christmas party season started with at the end of November when Contempt Properties invited my team to their annual Christmas party at the Cebu City Sports Club.

Their party was very unique. It had a theme of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. A lot of people people went all out with their costumes.  Some dressed as Mad Hatter, some as the Red Queen, while many preferred to dress as the White Rabbit. I kept it simple and I indeed was one of those sporting a rabbit ear.

My tablemates were dressed as Alice (Gen Durado), Red Queen (Ariane Alejandro), Fellow White Rabbit, White Queen (Christy Formanez), and Hatter (Flo Agujetas).

The team posed with Contempo Properties CEO Beverly Dayanan who look so stunning dressed as the White Queen as well.

It was indeed a great opening salvo for my Christmas Party season.  The program was great, the food was sumptuous, and overall atmosphere was joyous.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another Super Typhoon is on its way and it has a really Mean Name.

For 6 straight years, the Philippines experienced a Top 10 costliest typhoon every year.  It was capped by last year's ultra-devastating Yolanda which flattened several cities and towns.  It was the news of the year in the country, as it somehow put Tacloban ironically in the world news map.  Nobody virtually know about the city until it was virtually erased by Yolanda which was known as Haiyan internationally.

I really thought that this year, the Philippines somehow was sort of given a "free" year by nature.  We were just 28 days before the new year then there is news about a brewing storm in the Pacific that could become Yolanda 2.0.  The international code for this potential howler is Hagupit.  It's a Filipino word that translated would mean whip.  Is it gonna whip the Visayas? We got battered last year and we almost got "hayang" (sounds like Haiyan which means knocked down in Bisaya) and now we are gonna be whipped?   Hopefully not or else I really want them to ban such "dangerous" names.  They should name typhoons with less mean names like Malamig, Mahina, Mabagal, or even Mabango.

With the name itself, I really want to warn everyone that we should take this one seriously.  For Leyte or Samar people if you can go to Cebu or even Manila, you better stay in those places for the weekend. If not then stay away from dangerous places like the coast or a denuded mountain. We cannot take these things for granted anymore. Queenie even ripped my hometown in Bohol a few days ago.  Queenie was just a tropical depression, it wasn't even a typhoon.

Several people now have made their checklists as preparation. Here are some things you need to prepare for the coming typhoon that is often overlooked:

1. Load - You better have load.  You can't call people unless you have it although there's also a risk that signal would be so bad in typhoon hit areas but nevertheless, load is important.  You may even have load for data so that you can connect to the world wide web and see updates when power is down. Also know the emergency numbers in your place.
2. Charge the rechargeable - While there is power, you better charge the phones, power banks, emergency lamps, etc.  Power will most likely be shut off so having your own light and cellphone power will go a long long way.
3. Prepare water - Faucet water is never a good idea especially during flood season.  In some places like our subdivision, water is cut off when there is no electricity.  Prioritise drinking water but if you can store water for bathing or washing, better!
4. No cook food - Sometimes cooking would not be possible so prepare food like bread, crackers, canned goods, and other non-cook items that will give you the energy to do post-typhoon activities.
5. Radio - battery powered radio will keep you up to date with news if internet and power are down. AM stations are full of news and updates.


Cebu Emergency Numbers
Preparing for a Super Typhoon

Saturday, November 8, 2014

House for sale: Yati, Liloan

A friend of mine has decided to sell her house and lot in Yati, Liloan.  The house is quiet big and it will be good for a family of 5 including maids. Here are some details of the house and lot for sale:

Lot area: 379 Sqm
Floor area: 230 Sqm 
6 bedrooms
3 toilet and bath
Covered car garage 
Spacious front yard
Price: 5 million pesos (negotiable)
For house viewing contact:

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Little Brother visits Cebu

My 2 siblings are already living in Australia.  I can only see them either when they go home or I visit them there. It was almost 5 years since I last saw my youngest brother Petpet.  Good thing he decided to go home to Cebu and show his wife his hometown.

One of the first things he did was eat at Laguna Garden Cafe.  He was able to his Godmother Tita Annette and Aunt Ely.

He brought lots of Cadbury Chocolates from Australia and some other goodies as pasalubong for me and Stephie.

He stayed at Marco Polo Cebu while in Cebu but he made the most out of his short vacation by going to different places like Oslob, Summon, Palawan, and Bohol.  There will be more posts in the coming weeks about what we did in his visit.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Afternoon Wine at La Vie Parisienne

La Vie Parisienne is fast becoming of Cebu's most visited restaurants.  It is basically a wine place that has good selection french wines from the affordable and sweet ones and to the sophisticated ones.  I went to this place with some of my teammates at work. We really enjoyed our experience because it was not as expensive as I thought.

I used to work for a wine company that specialised German Rieslings and I know that good wines are not cheap and most wine places are really expensive.  I can somehow say that this place is different.

Their top seller is there flavoured wine which costs around 250 pesos.  It's sweet, of course and the ladies love it. As well as the men. The place is a great first step towards becoming a connoisseur as it somehow gives you a peek of the wonderful world of wines.

We were lucky on that day that nobody was staying at the cellar and boy, we took advantage.  It was one of the most instagram worthy places in Cebu. We all took countless selfies, usies and wacky poses.  Too bad, I was not able to do a jump shot.

La Vie Parisienne also a great selection of french pastries and you can buy wine matching meats and cheeses at the deli. The most amazing is part is that the place is really affordable.  I see some college students go there once in a while and the place is a big bargain for a guy who would like to impress a girl that he likes. A little wine could be the difference between Yes and No. ;)

It was a fun a visit and I even saw some friends there on that day.  La Vie Parisienne is highly recommended place to catch up with old friends and to experience a glimpse of Parisian life in Cebu. C'est la vie!!!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Watching UV beat Ateneo de Cebu in Cebu Milo Passerelle

For years, I have been a basketball fan but I rarely go to match venues to watch the games.  I just usually watch in the NBA and PBA on TV.  When I was living in Manila, I sometimes go to the Ateneo Gym to watch PBL or UAAP.  When I moved to Cebu, I just keep track the going-ons of the local basketball scene via newspapers or websites. 

Cebu has a very lively local basketball scene. Many players make their name here before moving to Manila to become full-fledged basketball stars.  Greg Slaughter, Junmar Fajardo, Jerie Pingoy, Roger Pogoy, Eliud Poligrates, Kris Porter, and JR Quinahan are just few of the many Cebuanos who are making their mark in Manila. 

A few weekends ago, I got to chance to see the championship match in the Passerelle division of the Cebu Milo Twin Tournament.  Milo has been a big supporter of basketball in the younger division. Many of our local basketball stars played first in the Milo tournaments before becoming varsity players. 

In Cebu, the powerhouse for these levels are USC, Sacred Heart, and UV.  The Cebu champions will be the City's representative in the Visayas Regional Finals to be held in Roxas City in November and the regional winner will play in the National finals to be held in Cebu this December. 

The championship match was between the University of the Visayas and the Sacred Heart School Ateneo de Cebu. During the warm-ups, I noticed the disparity between the height of the teams.  The height advantage were obviously in SHS-AdC's favor. If looks could score, Ateneo would hands down be the champion.  Sacred heart School also had more fans.

UV's lack of height was well compensated with their heart, speed, skills, and long range shooting touch.  The game started at  frenetic pace as both teams were exchanging a lot of missed shots.  UV drew first blood but Ateneo led the lanky Jed Colonia were able to get the upper hand after the end of the first with a score of 10-6.  What is so nice about the Milo format is that all players are required to play. Each team will have different fives in each quarter while substitutions are only allowed in the final period.

The second period was even as AdC's Andre Chua and UV's Denzel Sabroso paced their respective teams. Halftime score was 22-18 in favor of Ateneo. The third period became a major turning point of the game as UV overhauled the deficit via the hot hand of John Clint Paquibut. The thin and not so tall teenager hit 3 three point shots and added three more field goals to score 15 points in the quarter.  UV led 40-31 entering the pay off period.

Ateneo showed that the game is not over yet as they used a vicious full court press to take the lead via a 10-0 blast.  Andrew Velasco was the main man during the blistering run. Eventaully, the UV players were able figure out how to break the press and they were able to knot the game at 47-all. 

With few minutes left and the score was tied, the fans at the Capitol Parish gym were in for a treat as a classic ending is about to happen. The possession was with Ateneo.  Andrew Velasco attempted a long jumper but he missed the shot.  The active Jed Colonia was there to get the rebound and hit the follow-up to give Ateneo the lead at 49-47.  UV answered with a booming triple from Denzel Sabroso to grab the lead at 50-49. Andrei Chua was called for travelling in the next possession giving UV the ball.  Ateneo were forced to foul but the UV players were clutch at the free throw line.  

With 12 seconds left with the score of 56-51, Ateneo had the ball. Andre Chua atoned for his earlier miscue with a quick 2 to make it a one possession ballgame at 56-53.  The inbound play tense and the active hands of Andrew Velasco resulted to a steal and ball ending up at Chen's hands. Chen took a hurried 3-point attempt hoping to tie the game but his shot was off the mark.  UV got the rebound as the buzzer sounded and UV is the 2014 Cebu Milo Passerelle Champion. 

I never knew that watching high school basketball could be this fun.  The competition was intense and I can feel the passion of the Cebuano fans.  I will surely watch the players of this level because I know many of the name will be household names in the future. 

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Friday, July 18, 2014

It's More Fun in Cebu: Liv Superclub

The newest upscale dance club in Cebu is fast becoming one of the favourite weekend destinations of the young and the young at heart.  Liv Super Club is located at the City Times Square near Parkmall in Mandaue City, Cebu.  Liv Super club is touting itself as the first and the biggest luxury club in Cebu.

The club features some of Cebu's top DJ's every night and they have many events that feature some of the best DJs in the Philippines and the world. Based on the accounts of party regulars, the club is at par with some of the best bars in Manila. 

Every corner of the club is beamed with laser lights and every table are decorated with lights. As you enter Liv Super Club, you will easily notice the towering LED screen at the DJ booth.