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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pinoy Pride 7 Results

Lapu-Lapu City successful held its first major boxing card.  The Pinoy Pride 7: Battle in Mactan was the first major boxing event held in the city's newly built and fully air conditioned Hoops Dome. The Pinoy Pride VII was packed with a very engaging crowd. And boy did our boxers showed that they are indeed the country's pride. The 4 visiting boxers were given a rude welcome by the country's up and coming boxing stars. Here are the complete results:

Super-featherweight Ryan Maano (2-1-1 1KO) knocks out Yoshinobu Arai of Japan in just 43 seconds into the fight.
Super bantamweight Jun Intor (16-10-6 7KO) wins by majority decision over Cris Leon (0-1-1). Scores were Edwin Barrientos 38-38 | Edgar Olalo 39-37 | Ben Necesario 39-37
Jonathan Refugio (4-0-2) decisions Jomar Cordinillo (8-3-0). Judges Teddy Alivio (78-73) Edwin Barrientos (76-75), and Edward Ligas (77-74) scored the bout all in favor of Refugio.
Up and coming super flyweight prospect Albert Pagara (6-0-0 5KO) knocks out  Jaime Alin,Jr. (1-3-0).
Romeo Jakosalem (13-4-1 7KOs) won the Philippines Games & Amusement Board (GAB) light welterweight title via 1st round stoppage over Eusebio Baluarte (18-4-0 11KO). Baluarte was knocked down twice in the first round.
WBO Featherweight Oriental titlist Lorenzo “Thunderbolt” Villanueva (21-0-0 20KO) knocks out Eddy Camaro (24-11-4) of Indonesia. The fight ended at 1:02 of the opening round.
Michael Domingo (41-15-2 19KO) won his match against Richard Samosir (18-4-3) after Samosir quit before the 7th round started.
AJ “Bazooka” Banal (25-1-1 19KO) retains his WBO Asia Pacific bantamweight title after beating challenger Tyson Cave (15-2-1) of Canada. Fight was stopped due to cuts.  Scorecards read: |Edgar Olalo 79-73 | Danrex Tapdasan 78-74 |Edward Ligas 78-74 all in favor of Banal of the famed ALA Boxing Stable.

SM Cebu's Cosplay event

As part of their Simply Irresistible Sale, SM City Cebu held a Cosplay event last July 29. Cosplay is short for costume play where participants dress up like their favorite manga, anime, or movie character. The participants of the SM event were mostly teenagers and they sure love to dress up in their favorite characters. You an see people dressing up as Pikachu, Lolita, and their favorite Naruto and Star Wars characters.
The special guest for the event was Alodia Gosiengfiao who is dubbed as the "Cosplay Queen" of the Philippines. Alodia is a fan favorite and she got a lot of love from the Cebuanos. She was energetic even if she just arrived from a Cosplay event in Indonesia. She was also game taking questions from the participants and crowd.  The spectators had a wonderful time and it would have been a bigger event if it were held on a Saturday because many would-be Cosplayers were still in school.

All in all, it was a successful event and I know many people are hoping that SM will do more events like this.  Maybe in the next event you can see me dress up. Who knows? ;)

Here some of the pics that I took from the event:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuko in my room!!!

I really had a good sleep last night. I really love the temperature at dawn. A few minutes before six I got roused from my sleep when my wife shouted that there is a TUKO or Tokai Gecko in our room. When I opened my eyes I saw a very big and fat Tuko and it was also panicking when it heard my wife shouting. It was quite fast and settled at the back of our closet.  Well, I was stunned. The first thing I did was to make sure my closet is closed. I do not want to pull a tuko instead of a shirt. Hopefully the tuko will not stay long in our room or at least stay out of site for the meantime.

I just can't help but I have to take some pictures of our new "pet".

So far, it is content of staying at the back of our closet. Tuko hunters are still off-limits from our house. ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sports: Mandaue quitting Liga Pilipinas?

After its very surprising campaign in the recent conference of the Liga Pilipinas, the Mandaue-RDAK/Cebu Landmasters basketball squad might be skipping a conference due to some issues. They were quite dominant in the elimination phase and the team even won 3 leg titles. The team finished as No.1 going into the season-ending Super Leg.  They were surprised that the Super Leg is held in Cagayan de Oro City thereby giving the MirOr Meteors some sort off a home court advantage. MisOr eventually won the conference title by beating the Cebu NiƱos in the finals. Mandaue settled for 4th. Newspapers reported that Mayor Jonas Cortes was mad because Mandaue was not given the right to host the Super Leg owing to the fact that they were the top team. The mayor so far has not committed to support the team in the next conference.

SM CIty Cebu Wifi

I am writing this post in SM City Cebu.  I am using their free Wi-fi.  It is quite cool to be in a mall that has a FREE Wi-fi connection.  The connection speed is decent and it even allow me to post a blog entry. SM has a good crowd even in a Monday morning but I do not how fast the connection would be later when more shoppers arrive.  IndeedSM living to its slogan as " We got it all for you!" :)
Kudos SM!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ultimate Sports Weekend in the Philippines starts Today

If you follow popular team sports like basketball and football, then this will be a busy weekend for you. The Pinoy fan's world will be rocked by the arrival of NBA star like Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Kevin Durant (thank God for the lockout!!). There are UAAP games this weekend and also there is the Azkals who will battle Kuwait in a World Cup qualifying match. 

Drinking for a Cause:)?!

While scanning in the forums of, I stumbled upon a very unique event. An event for those who love booze and Saturday nights. Have you ever thought your drinking could help rehabilitate a school? Yes, yes, yes! You can actually do this by joining the event sponsored by JCI Mandaue. The entrance fee of the Drink for a cause is 100 pesos which will include a free bottle of beer and a pulutan bowl. You can add more drinks at 40 pesos a bottle.
The event will be at ZAO Restobar in Banawa on July 30, 2011. Bar opens at 6PM.

So, what do you think? Is it well worth it? If you do not have plans yet for the 30th, why not take a peek, mingle, and drink for a cause! Cheers!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Greg Slaughter making waves at the UAAP

A few years back, University of the Visayas (UV) and University of Cebu(UC) had a virtual tug-of-war for the services of a lanky 6 foot 10 Filipino-American.  The young Gregory William Slaughter or Greg Slaughter for short decided to suit up for the powerhouse UV Green Lancers in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI). He led the Lancers to several Championships and winning MVP awards along the way. He stated to get the attention from the coaches and scouts of Manila. His battles with UC big man Junmar Fajardo were classic. Both of them were shortlisted to join in a newly formed Smart-Gilas Developmental Basketball Team then but only Slaughter was allowed to join by his mother club. 
The Gilas trained mostly in Manila, prompting Slaughter to decide to move to Ateneo de Manila University. At first, it stunned the UV management but in the end, they relented. When Slaughter left, UV's CESAFI reign ended after losing to rivals UC Webmasters in last year's finals.
After sitting out for a year, Greg Slaughter is now suiting up in his first season as an Ateneo Blue Eagle. So far after 3 games he is averaging 15 points per game, 7 rpg, and 2 blocks per game. Ateneo is so far undefeated this season. They have defeated Adamson, DLSU, and NU. In 3 games, Slaughter has shown that he is the premier center in Philippine college basketball.  He has changed countless of shots and his mere presence changes the offensive game plans of coaches. He was voted as the best player of the game twice already and if he keeps this up, he will be one of the most coveted players coming out of college in the PBA.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monsoon Traps hit Cebu

A heavy downpour yesterday afternoon surprised Cebu and many streets and areas became flooded. I saw one of the heaviest rain fall since January 25 when floods hit parts of Cebu. According to Pagasa weather analyst Rafael Tapales, Cebu was hit by a monsoon trap. He said monsoon traps were like waves of wind and water accompanied usually with thunder and lightning. It can last from 30 minutes to an hour. Another one is expected today and just right now, it is starting to rain hard. Hopefully, the volume of rain will not be as much as yesterday.  It seems to be that rains have caused a lot of problems now in the cities of Cebu and Manduae.  It is truly time to upgrade the drainage systems as well clear the creeks of an hindrances (much less houses).

On RH Bill

One of the hottest issues today in the country is the Reproductive Health Bill that is being pushed by the Aquino administration.  The bill addresses a lot of areas including maternal health, access to health services, family planning, and poverty alleviation. The true intention of the bill is to really control a rapidly growing population and to improve the current system and policies on family planning and maternal health.

In the year 2000, the country signed the UN's Millennium Development Goals.  The MDG consists of 8 developmental goals that 193 Nations signed and agreed to achieve by 2015(4 years from now). The Philippines is basically bound to this agreement. The RH Bill is one of the key bills that will show our commitment towards those goals.  Goal 3 is about Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women. Goal 5 is on improving maternal health. The RH Bill is trying to reduce Maternal Mortality rates by providing better access to information for soon-to-be mothers. Target 5B involves contraceptive prevalence rate, Adolescent birth rate, Antenetal Care Coverage, and Unmet need for family panning. These goals are part of the meat of the proposed RH Bill. Goal 6 which is combating AIDS and other deadly diseases is also being addressed by the bill.

The RH Bill is really filled with good intentions.  The bill has sparked intense debate among the pros and antis. They have really valid points both sides. My only question is how much is the cost of the implementation of the bill? How many pesos do we need each year to buy contraceptives, pay for the free services, pay for additional sex education subject, and for the monitoring and policing of its implementation? It will definitely cost billions of pesos annually. Risa Hontiveros, one of its proponents tweeted that it will be around 2.5-3 Billion for the contraceptives and around 5 billion of the health services. These figures are quiet big. I wonder where will we get the money to pay for it? Pork barrel? If you were a Congressman, will you buy condoms over classrooms? If we really have those money to pay for the bill, how come we still see students having no decent classrooms? Education has always been deemed to be the solution for our problems on poverty yet the government has a lot of backlog on these aspect and now they are even thinking of adding 2 more years in high school.

The RH bill has a lot of merit but our leaders should study the full extent of the law and its costs as well opportunity costs.  Having a bigger debt will be a bigger hindrance in solving poverty incidence in the country. We have to spend our very limited resources wisely.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lookback: November 2010 Birthdays

November is always a busy day for me as I am attending 2 birthday celebrations.  Typically, I have lunch in Guadalupe at Mommy Ely's place then have dinner at home for Mama Flor's birthday. 2010 was no different. Here are some of pics of that day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Fuss on "Tuko"

The tuko is now fast becoming one of the most popular lizards in the country today.  It is now being called in a more classy way as Tokai Gecko.  Before, these lizards scare a lot of people when they see it in their their houses.  When I was young, I used to always look at the ceiling when I take a shower fearing that a tuko is up their and ready to pounce on me. Now, the Tokai is practically the hottest selling animal in the market save for chickens and pigs I guess. Rumors are flying that a lizard can earn you thousands of pesos.  The tuko is believed cure diseases and conditions like cancer, asthma,  impotence, tuberculosis, and even AIDS.
Several government agencies are alarmed of the tuko situation.  First, the Department of Health said there is no proof or enough scientific study to support claim on Tokai Gekos as medicine. The DOH officials are worried that people might rely on the healing properties of the lizard rather going to a doctor.
The Department of Natural Resources and Protective Areas and Wildlife Bureau also state that tuko hunting could upset the natural balance in the ecology as lizards are important in limiting the insect population. The officials of the said agencies also said that under RA 9147 or the Philippine Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, the capture and selling of the reptile is prohibited and could net a person as much as 3 years in prison time and a fine of P300,000.
I guess a lot of people are still going hunt those poor reptiles.  There is indeed a market for it and people are even selling the 'tuko' in the internet.  Watch out though, there have been reports of scammers who trick people to engage in the tuko trading business and end up running with their money.
Personally, I would not hunt tuko or buy one for even a 100 pesos. The tuko still scares me and I respect and appreciate its purpose as a mosquito killer.  I would not let people into my house just to hunt for these lizards.  Tuko trading could net someone a lot of cash but I'd rather stay in my job. ;)
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Persons with Disabilities Week: How to create a more PWD-friendly environment

The National Council of Disability Affairs (NCDA) launched yesterday at SM City Cebu the Persons with Disabilities Week.  This year's National Disability and Rehabilitation Week's theme is "Making the Rights Real for Filipinos with Disabilities. The activities are headed by the NCDA, the agency created to plan and coordinate activities concerning disability issues and concern. This year's activities include a job fair, massage demo, sportsfest, recollection, and medical mission.
I believe that our leaders should in a way create a more PWD-friendly city. Persons with disabilities are at a disadvantage should disasters come and even in normal days, accessibility is very limited for them. How can a cripple ride a jeepney? What are the jobs available for PWDs? How can we improve and promote education for PWDs? Is there some sort of discrimination towards Persons with disabilities? There are so many room for improvement and political and corporate leaders can do a lot of things to help.

Here are some areas that we can probably improve on:

1. Accessibility - We should make sure that public places are accessible to people with disabilities. It is nice that we have special parking areas for them (although some people use this area even if they aren't Pwds). We should also make sure that elevators and escalators can fit wheelchairs.  I used the elevator in Robinsons Cybergate and it is nice to see that there are Braille markings at the buttons. Fire exits should use ramps rather than stairs.  How in the world would a PWD go down 10 floors of stairs for example. There should also be away to improve how PWDs right public transportation.
2. Jobs - It is nice to see that some businessman employ people with disabilities. I was serve by a deaf-mute in Brutus Fuente and it is good to see that there are opportunities for them. Blind masseurs are also good. The government can also give tax breaks to employers of PWDs. Hopefully, these businessmen pay them the right wages.
3. Education - It is also good to know that some educational institutions offer discounts to people with disabilities. It is just right to give them opportunities to learn and improve their skills. This practice should be encouraged because who knows we have Stephen Hawking in  our midst.
4. Disaster and Emergency Preparedness- As our leaders make plans on disaster preparation, they also consider the plight of the PWDs if faced in situation like flooding, fires, typhoon, and other calamities. They have to be prepared on how rescue pwds in emergency situations. Our firemen, volunteers, ERUF staff, and Red Cross personnel should be aware and be educated on how to assist persons with disabilities. We are not only talking about first aid but also how to communicate with them.

The leaders of the Cebu and Philippines at least make an effort to make our country more PWD-friendly. The government has allocated some budget for it and hopefully the agencies like the NCDA will formulate meaningful activities and programs that will promote long-term awareness for persons with disabilities. Every person has the same rights, abled or disabled and the pwds deserve access to those rights.

Animal Awareness Week at Parkmall

Parkmall has once again affirmed its reputation as the most pet-friendly mall in Cebu by hosting an Animal Awareness Week last week. Visitors were able to see different kinds of pets and participate din the workshops on how to take better care of animals. Pets are always known to be great stress relievers as well as a good source of enjoyment. There were several pet club's that joined weeklong affair. People were able to buy pets like fishes, lizards, spiders, dogs, snakes, birds, and rabbits. Some booths allow interested mall go-ers to take pictures with some animals. Here are some pictures taken during the event.

First Time

Yesterday, Steph and I took our helper Josie and her son Carlo to watch a movie at SM City Cebu cinema. It would Carlo Boy's first time to watch a movie in a movie theater. Carlo Boy picked Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. It is quiet a pretty good movie for a first-timer and to think we picked the last full show. Luckily, the boy did not sleep.  The movie cost 180 pesos (non- 3D) and I cannot believe that movie prices are now that high. I remember the time that I go to Belvic and Century 21 to watch the latest Hollywood and movies then cost around 40 pesos. The movies now are so expensive, no wonder why a lot people resort to buying those pirated DVDs. All in all we spend almost a thousand pesos (including the drinks) but it was all worth it. The joy in seeing the face of a young boy (he is 8) having a blast with his first movie is priceless.

What do I think about the movie? It was good. I grew up watching the cartoon version of the Autobots and Decipticons. The advances in film editing has made robots so realistic. I wonder how come Filipino movies cannot have those kind of graphics. I guess we Filipinos really prefer our comedy or horror-comedy than creating some sci-fi flick. Transformers 3 was cool and the new chick is also so hot. Sam Witwicky is one lucky guy.  The storyline is typical but I strongly recommend the movie if you to see one with your children. Warning though: They might ask you to buy those expensive Transformer toys the next time you go to the mall. ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Want to win a gun? Join the Y101 Armscor Run

It is amazing to know that competitive running can give  you some new "toys" or weapons.  I am not talking about your abs or your ripped body.  I can't believe that you can actually win a gun if you win a race. Y101 and Armscor is sponsoring a fun run on  July 24, 2011 that will give expensive pistols to the winners of their 10.1k event with Military Obstacle Course. Oh well, you got crawl, climb and maybe even do push-ups but nevertheless the winner will be given an Armscor 1911A1 Classic 9mm pistol (men’s category) or a pink colored Tanfoglio Italy-made 22 caliber pistol (womens).  
Well, if you want to register you may go to RUNNR Ayala or Y101 Studio in Gaisano Country Mall.  You only need 300 pesos to join.

If you want to win a gun, invest in a good pair of running shoes  and start jogging.  You only got 10 days before the big race.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

HNC Batch' 61 Golden Jubilee

The blog congratulates Holy Name College High School Batch 1961 for a successful Golden Jubilee Homecoming in Tagbilaran, Bohol last June 17-19, 2011.