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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finally, Krispy Kreme is in Cebu !

I am not really a sweet tooth but when it comes to doughnuts, my favorite is Krispy Kreme. When I was still based in Manila, I used to bring doughnuts to Cebu every time I went home. My brothers loved it. A box of Krispy doughnuts usually won't last 24 hours in our household.

I usually bring at least 3 dozen; one for the house, one for my aunt's house in Guadalupe, and one for my cousin's in Banawa. I am not alone. Many people outside Manila do the same thing. They make Krispy Kreme as their pasalubong. It becomes the piyaya, otap, broas, or biscocho of Manila. 

Last year, I visited Manila. Guess what I brought home to Cebu? It's those doughnuts again. I even wondered then if my wife was more excited to see the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts than me when I got back.

Finally after a few years,  The Real American Doughnut Company, Inc. decided to open branches in Cebu. I first saw the signs in Active Zone in Ayala. It used to say opening in September. September passed and still no Krispy Kreme. I read the news today announcing the opening of their branch in Ayala and I.T. Park. Yipee!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Headlines: Man kills self and 5 others in Talisay City

I was really stunned reading the headline today about a man killing his wife, 3 adult children, and their housemaid. The man then shot himself to end the carnage. It is really hard to fathom how a father can kill his children and his wife. The lack of information also led to many speculations and theories.

The man was an ex-seaman who was forced to retire due to a severe head injury while working. He retired ten years ago, after surviving a coma and having a head operation. A lot of people speculate that a severe injury like contusion can lead to some behavioral changes and aggression. Maybe, but it has been ten years and if he has something wrong in his head, then how in the world did he own a gun? I am sure people will say it is easy to get a licensed firearm as long as you have the money. If that's the case, should we ban guns totally?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday Wishes, Prophecies, Resolutions and Game plan

Turning 35 means a lot of things to me. It is like reaching the halfway point of my life, Halftime. It is a good time to look back and evaluate what changes I can make with my game plan. In many aspects of my life, I believe that I am way behind and have a lot of catching up to do.

I am generally in good health but I believe I can do better in terms of weight management and healthy habits. I have to start watching my weight and make sure that it will stay in a healthy range. I am not getting any younger and losing weight seems harder as the years go by. My key to targets for the year would include a weight below 180 lbs. and to gain stamina enough to finish a 10k run. How do I go about this? I have to go back to the gym and start establishing a workout routine. I am starting from scratch and establishing a routine is one of the most difficult steps. I cannot afford to stay in the gym for more than an hour and a half since I have a job to do and I have to do a lot of writing. I could probably integrate running in my weekly plan. Running is cheap and I can practically run anywhere. I have to watch the stuff I put in my mouth as well. I love food but I should not be in love with food. Basically I have to turn myself into a health nut, I mean health buff. I could probably blog about my gallant quest towards a healthier me.