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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Checking the Primary Homes Projects

Primary Homes is one of the top local developers in Cebu. They are one of the fastest growing Real Estate Developers in the region.  Primary Homes has projects in Cebu City, Consolacion, Argao, Lapu-Lapu City, Talisay City, and Bohol.  Part of my job is to know what is happening in the general real estate scene in Cebu.  For many years now, Cebu has enjoyed robust sales in the industry and companies like Primary Homes have captured a big chunk of the market.

I visited several of their projects and I was left very impressed with their workmanship and their ability to give the market what it wants. The first project that I checked out was their condominium project in Banawa. The Courtyards in Banawa is a walk up condominium concept.  Each condominium cluster at Courtyards is just 4 stories.  There are no elevators in the condominium buildings. The owners can have an option of either a studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units. The Courtyards is located near the Alliance of Two Hearts Parish in Banawa, Cebu City.

Potential buyers can now view the model units at the site of the project.  I really liked the way Primary Homes dress up their model units.  I can say that they have one really good interior decorator. The unit space are maximised and the choice of decorations are superb.  If I am a buyer, I can't help but be impressed with the way the units look. They also have bare units to show so that a buyer can really see what they are actually buying. Price for these units could start as low as 1.1M.

The next project that I checked out was the award-winning Astele Subdvision. The project is located in Maribago, Mactan, Cebu. It is in the vicinity of the famous Maribago Resorts like Maribago Bluewaters and Tambuli Beach Resort. The best thing about this project is their house designs which have garnered some design awards.  The model units look like how a dream house should be made. 

Astele is a high end subdivision that has lot cuts over 200 sq.m. and house areas of over 100 sq. m. on the average.  The development is around 5 minutes from the main road and it is very close to some of Mactan's top resorts and beach destinations. Primary Homes are targeting retirees and Filipinos married to foreigners to buy houses in Astele.

The last project that I checked was in the town of Cordova.  Cordova is just a few minutes drive from Maribago. Primary Homes has a project there called Alegria Palms.  It is a development made for the middle class buyers. 

Primary Homes has house models similar to what they have in Astele but it comes in a different theme. Alegria Palm has a Mediterranean look and feel.  The houses there has a distinct pink-orangy hue.  They also have townhouse units there that are available in a lease to own concept.  The lease to own concept was conceptualized after Yolanda hit the region and the demand for housing increased when many Tacloban and Leyte residents were forced to look for houses in Cebu.

Here are my impressions with Primary Homes after visiting three of their existing projects:
  1. They have very nice model houses and units. The attention to details in dressing up the model units are pretty high. They leave no stones unturned as they put everything you can buy if you have money. The walls have paintings. They have vases with flowers. The aircon units are running. They even have alarms in their units. They also landscape their houses very well.
  2. Their pricing is spot on.  All their projects are reasonably priced.  A buyer will never have an impression of having an overpriced unit.
  3. The locations of their projects are not too far from the main road. 
  4. They have competent sales people manning each site. Primary Homes does not have in-house agents but the real estate brokers in Cebu really love to sell their projects.  Almost all brokers in Cebu are probably accredited to them and many would want a spot in the duty schedule at their project sites.
When looking for a real estate property, you should make the Primary Homes projects as one of your primary options. ;)