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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Instagram-Worthy Places in Cebu: Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

A new all-day breakfast place will soon become an instant hit to Cebuano Instagram users.  Yolk Coffee and Breakfast is setting itself up as Instagram hotspot by encouraging diners to post using hashtags #yolkcafeph and #cebueats.  The management is also active in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some possible hashtags for you when you are at Yolk Coffe and Breakfast:

Free Wifi at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

The place has a very good wifi connection and they encourage you to use their hashtags or follow them in social media. #YolkCafePh has so far have 2,000 plus posts and it is trending up.

Having coffee Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

#DOTD #DrinkoftheDay.  Yolk has so many interesting coffee creations that you can post several #DOTD or #latteart photos.

Cebu Omelette at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast

The food is quite good.  #Foodgasm is expected. Bountiful #Foodporn shots possible. I had #happytummy when I visited this place.

Enjoying Breakfast at Yolk Cebu

Each table has a different background. There is even one with a world map as a background so you will get unique #selfie pics or #coffeemugshots photos overtime you visit. Just make sure you pick a new seat.

Yolk Coffee and Breakfast Mabolo Cebu

You can somehow feel at home at Yolk Coffee and Breakfast. You can actually pretend to have breakfast at home there. You can pose at "your" new sofa and boast it in instagram.

Yolk Coffee and Breakfast is a nice place to have a feel good meal.  It would be nice to go there now while there are still few regulars there.  The prices are not cheap but the food has the quality and taste to match the price.  Yolk is located at Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. From Ayala you drive/walk to F. Cagabug Street (Panagdait).  You turn right at the street after Bread after Bread just a few meters from the J. Luna intersection.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sinulog 2015 Moments: #Paintensity by ETC

Because one of my guests got sick on the Friday before the Sinulog, we were not able to go to Life Dance 2015.  Good thing, the next day everyone felt reenergised so we went out on Saturday night.  I wanted Lot and Maan to see the awesome side events of Sinulog.  There was a free dance party courtesy of TV Channel ETC in Cebu Business Park.  The ETC #Paintensity was held at the Sumilon Road of Cebu Business Park.  It is the area near the CIC back gate.  The venue was big but their set-up was not enough for the deluge of people. By 9 PM, the line was so long that we decided to go at  the side and just move close to stage and have fun.

We picked the left side and we saw lots of people doing the same thing. Steph and I even saw an old friend Mark Quitos who came over from Cagayan de Oro City just to take photos of the Sinulog 2015 festivities.  We have not seen Mark for 4 years. 

The party atmosphere extended to our side and a lot of people were dancing and drinking.  DJ Funk Abby had a great mix and crowd was pumped up. 

Eventually, the barrier going to the main area was removed but we remained in our spot.  It was not as rowdy and we were all having fun drinking some Emperador with Iced Tea. There was even a time that the music was stopped because the middle part got too crowded and some people got hurt. The organisers even threatened to end the event early.  Eventually, DJ funk Abby resumed after like 30 minutes of silence. 

We stayed past midnight in time for Ace Ramos to start his set.  I did not want to leave yet but we  know that we still have an early day the next day so we have to wrap up.  We had a great time and probably we will still attend a similar event in Sinulog 2016.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sinulog 2015 Moments: I got Visitors

Sinulog 2015 was very eventful for me.  I enjoyed the Sinulogs in the past as a Cebuano who is celebrating his city's biggest festival but in 2015, I became more of a host/tour guide/historian.  I got visitors from out of town who are experiencing the Sinulog for the first time.

Maan and Lot are fellow Business Directors of Robinsons Homes. Maan handles a team in Pampanga while Lot is based in the Cavite/Batangas area. Their visit was somehow unexpected because I prefer for them to come in 2016.  Last November, they were like saying they are going to come to Cebu and I challenged them that if they can find a flight and a place to stay then I will surely be their tour guide /host here.

Visiting Cebu's Magellan's Cross
First Stop: Sto. Nino Church and Magellan's Cross
They arrived Friday at 5 AM in the morning. It was too early for me but I still manage to wake up and pick them up at the airport. It was the last day of the novena and the first thing we did was to attend Mass at Sto. NiƱo Church along with Stephie. They cannot understand the mass because it was in Bisaya but nevertheless, they were patient enough to stand, listen, and pray. We took a group photo at the Magellan's Cross upon the insistence of my wife. 

Hotel in Cabangcalan Mandaue - Cinfandel Suites
After a breakfast in McDonald's, I drove them to their hotel, the Cinfandel Suites in Mandaue.  They got a good deal with the hotel.  They paid around 4,200 for 3 nights which is a bargain during the Sinulog season.  The hotel is located in Cabangcalan, Mandaue which is just 5 minutes from my place.

Lechon Belly Store in Parkmall Mandaue

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Instagram-Worthy Places in Cebu: Cafe Race Diner

I have been an Instagram user for a while and that app has helped me in looking for interesting places to go to or #foodporn-worthy dishes. It's also a good app for someone who wants take photos or even #selfies in picturesque places.  Instagram has been a platform for bloggers and other creative people to show off their work.  It is also an app where some people really try show off about the happenings in their lives and try to generate likes and follows. 

For Instagram fanatics or #igerscebu, there's a new place that could really help you get a lot of likes on posts.  Recently, I was able to visit a new diner in Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation area. The Cafe Racer Diner is a newly opened restaurant that serves typical diner food like hotdogs, burgers, milkshakes as well as rice meals and barbecue. When I stopped by, I was only expecting to have some decent snacks while waiting for my wife who was coming from the Santo Nino Church.  

The place at first looked like an abandoned old gasoline station turned into a chic eatery but I when I went it in, I was in a way floored by how nice it was. Almost every square foot of it is Instagram-worthy.  It does not look like your typical restaurant or cafe here in Cebu. It was a like dream concept  that turned into reality of someone who is into cars, motorcycles, recycling, and interior decoration. Oil drums turned into chairs in one area then the cashier area is housed inside a classic Volkswagen van. I really feel that this place will be a favourite among Instagrammers.

This wall poster is perfect place for selfies or to take an #ootd pic with a race vibe. Motorcycle riders should visit this place at least once and wear leather jacket and an old school helmet. A couple could even ask the friendly staff for a nice #sundate pic on this table and the staff are more than willing to help you in getting that like-worthy pic. 

VW fanboys will definitely have a photo at the counter. It is really hard to find a VW van nowadays but you can find it everyday at Cafe Racer Diner.  There are even some tables that have car hood table tops in the outdoor seating area.

Here I am with my solo pic with a Cafe Racer. A Cafe Racer is a light-weight, lightly-powered motorcycle optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort — and optimized for quick rides over short distances. according to Wikipedia.  A Cafe Racer is a stripped down bike that became a popular ride of European kids who hopped from one cafe to another. I would probably like to take this one for a spin.

The place is also a #foodporn and #happytummy haven.  The price as expected was higher than fast-food burger joints but its Instagram potential is 10 times greater.  My burgers came in a wooden chopping board while my Vanilla milkshake was in a "recycled" mayo glass. The owners are probably conscious about social media.  I like it. The taste? Well, it was not a #foodgasm moment but it was a great meal. The 205 pesos I paid for the meal and the place is quite a bargain.

Well, well, well, look at where they grill their food. That's a football tailgater's dream. Grilling your food in the hood of your classic beetle is just awesome.  Their pork barbecue by the way is only 15 pesos a stick and they also serve beer. 

All in all, the place has a lot potential.  I have not really tried all their specialties but judging by the crowd traffic, I think they are serving excellent food. Cafe Racer Diner is not only a perfect place to make Instagram posts, it is actually a great place to chill. One of these days, I will definitely go back with a group  and have an easy and relaxing beer night there. ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sinulog 2015: Another Awesome Sinulog is in the offing

Sinulog is the Queen of the festivals in the country. This is Cebu's main fiesta and practically the whole country will celebrate it with Cebu. Local pilgrims and foreign tourists are arriving in numbers here in Cebu to join the festivities.

There are basically aspects of Sinulog, one is the religious side and other is the fun side. Many come for just one aspect but the majority usually have a dose of both.  Sinulog is the celebration for Santo Nino or Child Jesus.  The Sinulog is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. 

The religious aspects starts 10 days before the big day as the novena starts with a Walk for Jesus.  There are 11 novena masses daily for 9 days and it is packed to the rafters. On the Friday before the Sinulog, the relic of the Virgin of Guadalupe will join the Sto. Nino via Walk with Mary on Friday dawn and then both relics will be moved to the St. Joseph Parish in Mandaue.  The transport is called the Translacion. On early morning Saturday, the Holy Family will go back to the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino de Cebu via the fluvial parade. It is participated by several boats that are full of people. Later on that day, the grand procession will commence. There is still masses on Sunday but the main activities in that day will be related to the fun aspect.
Novena Mass at Basilica del Sto Nino
5:30 AM is packed

In the fun aspect, Sinulog season is full activities like the Cebu City marathon, the outdoor parties like Lifedance, and many cultural activities. The main highlight though is that grand parade where several contingents prepare amazing Sinulog presentations along with uber-fun street dancing.  The contingents are dressed in colourful and creative costumes.  In the grand parade there are also floats from major companies.  These floats usually have a celebrity guest. There are also giants and it is similar to the Mardi Gras. The grand parade this year will be held this Sunday.  There are also a lot of parties along the parade route.

This  year, I expect to immerse in the fun aspect of the Sinulog festivities. I have guests coming for the weekend and I know we will have a great time even if a weather disturbance can affect Cebu. Sinulog is like an extended Christmas party for the Cebuanos and it is time for us to showcase our hospitality and make our visitors say that "It is Really More Fun in Cebu!"

I will be posting about my Sinulog 2015 adventure in the coming days.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 in Review : Another Island Hopping Adventure

The second island hopping adventure that I had last summer was with Maikee Demegillo and her friends from Med School.  My wife and I joined them as we went to Caohagan Island and Olango Island.  We ate a late lunch at stilt restaurant of the coast of Olango.  The restaurant served fresh seafood dishes and there were musicians serenaded us while we eat.  It was a fun experience for the whole group.

Fly Maikee, Fly!!!
A restaurant at the middle of the sea
Fish photo time!

Lechon Belly - one of her favourite baons 
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