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Monday, September 13, 2010

My 34th Birthday

09-11-2010 Cebu City- I celebrated my 34th year with family and friends. I ordered Zubuchon, Anthony Boudain's favorite pork. Bought some panga and belly of tuna for grilling as well as for kilaw. I had Josie cook Pancit and Stephie ordered some vegetables and lumpia shanghai from Manila Foodshoppe. Had a Chocolate Cheesecake from Fudge and Magnolia Ice Cream (Kitkat, Babe Ruth, and Crunch). We ordered 3 cases of Red Horse. Drank, talked, sang, and even some silly games. It was a memorable birthday, the noisiest I had for quiet sometime. Here are some of our pics:
Kinilaw na Tuna
Sinugbang Panga ng Tuna
Pancit Canton
Lumpia Shanghai
Chow Pa Chin
Zubuchon Lechon
The Celebrant with the food

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