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Friday, February 27, 2015

Food Trip: Ngohiong sa Carlos Special Ngohiong!

Ngohiong, Fried Chicken, Poso, Fried Batikon, Fried Liver

Two years ago, I wrote about a Ngohiongan in Fairlane, Guadalupe that has been one of my favourite places to have lunch. This time, I will be writing a long overdue post about another favourite place for ngohiong for Cebuanos.  Carlos Special Ngohiong is another small house-based eatery similar to
Doming's Ngohiong.  It is located in Mambaling but they now have branches in Mabolo and Guadalupe.

Best Ngohiong in Cebu

Delicious Ngohiong at Carlos Special Ngohiong

If you are not familiar with the area, you are probably going to miss this place although the trisikad drivers in Mambaling are more than eager to guide you to the right way. Carlos Special Ngohiong practically serves the same crunchy goodness that its main competition offers.  They have ngohiong along with fried chicken, fried gizzard, and fried chicken liver.  These fried goodies goes so well with the local puso or hanging rice. 
The famous Ngohiong Sauce of Cebu

As always, what makes ngohiong a favorite lunch viand among Cebuanos is the sauce.  The sweet, salty, sour, and spicy flavors of the sauce brings the ngohiong to a different level. The spicy sauce with a gravy-like consistency and color has always been a closely guarded secret.  I will probably experiment one of these days and see if I can also make a sauce that I can use everyday.

The meal was expectedly great.  It was not as cheap as a few years back but I always love paying for a worthy meal.  A ngohiong meal has always been one of my best alternatives for lunch and I always look forward to have one once in a while. How about you do you have a favourite ngohiong place?