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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Headlines: Man shot by Barangay Tanod while shooting film

Kirk Abella, a little known actor playing a small role in a small budget film called "Going Somewhere" is now famous.  Famous after he was shot by a village watchman who mistook him for an armed criminal.  Barangay Tanod Eddie Cuizon was alerted by a concerned citizen who told him that armed men are roaming around his neighborhood.  Abella's role was an armed motorcycle-riding vigilante.  Cuizon confronted the victim but the victim's motorcycle driver told him that they are just shooting a movie then started to rev up his motorcycle.  The barangay tanod rode with them and shot the victim at the back.  The victim was dead on arrival at a local hospital. The incident happened in Parian, Cebu City.

My take: Shooting films like this should be avoided since a lot of crimes in Cebu are done by motorcycle riding crooks.  What if crooks will now use the excuse of a "shooting" every time they would try to escape a chase? Although village watchmen are supposed to be not allowed to carry firearms, proper coordination with barangay and the police should be the first requirement.


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