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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finally, Krispy Kreme is in Cebu !

I am not really a sweet tooth but when it comes to doughnuts, my favorite is Krispy Kreme. When I was still based in Manila, I used to bring doughnuts to Cebu every time I went home. My brothers loved it. A box of Krispy doughnuts usually won't last 24 hours in our household.

I usually bring at least 3 dozen; one for the house, one for my aunt's house in Guadalupe, and one for my cousin's in Banawa. I am not alone. Many people outside Manila do the same thing. They make Krispy Kreme as their pasalubong. It becomes the piyaya, otap, broas, or biscocho of Manila. 

Last year, I visited Manila. Guess what I brought home to Cebu? It's those doughnuts again. I even wondered then if my wife was more excited to see the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts than me when I got back.

Finally after a few years,  The Real American Doughnut Company, Inc. decided to open branches in Cebu. I first saw the signs in Active Zone in Ayala. It used to say opening in September. September passed and still no Krispy Kreme. I read the news today announcing the opening of their branch in Ayala and I.T. Park. Yipee!

There will be 2 branches in Cebu of these doughnuts that were first introduced in Winston-Salem, North  Carolina. The Ayala Center branch will be a retail outlet, while the I.T. Park branch will serve as the factory outlet. A third one will soon open at SM City Cebu. 

I have to cut short writing this post because it is making me crave for some Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. ;)

to be continued... ;)