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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday Wishes, Prophecies, Resolutions and Game plan

Turning 35 means a lot of things to me. It is like reaching the halfway point of my life, Halftime. It is a good time to look back and evaluate what changes I can make with my game plan. In many aspects of my life, I believe that I am way behind and have a lot of catching up to do.

I am generally in good health but I believe I can do better in terms of weight management and healthy habits. I have to start watching my weight and make sure that it will stay in a healthy range. I am not getting any younger and losing weight seems harder as the years go by. My key to targets for the year would include a weight below 180 lbs. and to gain stamina enough to finish a 10k run. How do I go about this? I have to go back to the gym and start establishing a workout routine. I am starting from scratch and establishing a routine is one of the most difficult steps. I cannot afford to stay in the gym for more than an hour and a half since I have a job to do and I have to do a lot of writing. I could probably integrate running in my weekly plan. Running is cheap and I can practically run anywhere. I have to watch the stuff I put in my mouth as well. I love food but I should not be in love with food. Basically I have to turn myself into a health nut, I mean health buff. I could probably blog about my gallant quest towards a healthier me.

The second aspect that I really want to conquer is in the procreation side of marriage. Seven years of futility when it comes to making babies is too long. Maybe, seven years of abundance is on its way. I expect to have an offspring soon. If the seven years of abundance is truly coming then I got to prepare for 7 kids in 7 years hehehe. I really have to work on this aspect. If this were a basketball game, I have been missing at point blank range for quite some time already. I have to produce, I mean, reproduce. A new half is coming and there is no need to fret for wasted time and missed shots.

Income and finance are the other important categories that need my attention. If I expect children to come soon then I have to stack up on my resources. Real estate selling has been good to me but it is up and down sometimes. The money is inconsistent at times and comes in trickles. Handling finances is not one of my strengths that I was why I never became an accountant. In theory, I have the basic knowledge and skills to really keep track of my resources but in practice, I am too impulsive and generous that I end up suffering unnecessary loses and making unimportant expenditures. It is time for me to take a hard look of my cash flow and turn into a meticulous accountant. I have to start downing debts in the next few months. It will entail sacrifice, discipline, and an increase in income. In the income side, I have to open my eyes and act on the opportunities in front of me. Bashfulness has no place in the second half. I should not be scared to exploit other income possibilities. I have to see how can improve my real estate business, how to earn more in writing, how to be an effective marketer and broker, and how to become a better leader, coach, and employer. It is time for me to destroy personal barriers and limitations. I have to think, believe and act world class rather than just be a contented backyard operator.

As a leader, I have been complacent. My standards are low and I do not demand much from my subordinates. I have allowed people to have no sense of commitment and minimal personal ambition. It is time to yield an iron fist not only on others but also on myself. The battlefield is tougher in the second half because I am playing behind. I have to quicken the pace and resort to more creative and risky plays. I have to catch up fast and only a strong leader can make a weaker team upset a much stronger opponent.

As for wishes and long shots, I will continue to believe in the power of prayers.  I will still bet in the lottery and be confident that a lottery jackpot is in my destiny. I came close last year and I attribute that win from prayers.  The odds can definitely go in your favor when God bestows it upon you.  I had 5 of 6 once already, 6 of 6 is next. There have been many answered prayers in the first half and I truly believe that there will be so much more in the second half. I am so far behind that I would need it all.

Indeed, a lot of changes are in store in the second half of my life. The adjustments are many and its implementation has to be drastic. There is no time to dilly-dally and no day to waste. I am looking forward to a more productive and fruitful self. Rallying is hard but nothing is impossible. My favorite NFL team the Lions has rallied two straight games already from 20-point holes. The have not won a championship in over 50 years and now they are 5-0. Things are looking up and nothing is impossible. Learning how to win and finishing games just takes time and 35 years is long enough for me. J

It is time to rally!!! Go go go!!!