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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The night that I danced....

It has been quite a while since I last visited the gym.  I have been a member of Fitness First Cebu for around 6 years already and my account was dormant for many months. I was practically wasting money every month by not even trying to go to the gym.  Last month, I finally decided to finally end my "misery" and cut my account. Unfortunately, I have to pay 1 more month before I can really have the account pronounced dead.  Since I got one month of pre-paid gym time, I gave exercise a shot once again.

I don't want to run yet as I am very much overweight and I do not think it would be good for my knees.  I was like 106.5 kilos when I started going back to Fitness First Cebu.  Well, I loved to join their Group exercise and I have been regular Group X dancer before. So, to make it fun I gave myself a dose of Body Jam, Body Combat, Zumba, and even Sh'Bam. After a few days, my body adjusted and muscle memory allowed me to somehow keep up with the regulars. 

The gym's Christmas party was fast approaching and one of the instructors asked me if I want to join their presentation.  Obviously, I was quite hesitant because I really felt that I was out of shape (and I really was).  On the other hand, I thought that it was boost that I needed to continue my gym membership and quest to have a six pack at 36. ;) I decided to say YES. And surely, I started practicing with the group of Cire and Cai.  Save for Cire, I was the only guy in the group.  I was thinking "what the heck am I going into".  Our music was tribal and it was well-choreographed by Cire. It was fun and I was keeping in step and some members obviously noticed me since I am the only fat guy in the group.

After mastering our main dance, I was informed that I have another dance and it will be with a partner.  It was going the first track of our performance. I was stunned.  I just thought I was invited to somehow provide a comic relief. Oh well, I got no choice but to practice my other dance.  My partner Lala is one heck of a dancer and I do not want to come out as an embarrassment. The constant practice and the stress probably helped me lose a few kilos of fat as I was down around 103 kilos during the 8th anniversary of Fitness First Cebu.

The day of reckoning came and I have to prepare my costume and have to look like a participant of a carnival.  I asked Ariane and Rexcy to help me create the Carnival King look.  Good thing that Angelica brought some nice rented costumes for the group.  I came unusually relaxed before the performance and I was just taking pictures and joking around with some people I know in the gym.  I learned that we will be the second group to perform.  After seeing a great number from the first group, I wanted to dance immediately to get it over and done with.  

It was our turn and I was like saying this is it and I told myself just have fun and hope that nobody posts a video in youtube. We had a blast in our presentation.  My teammates were really good and amazed that they can gyrate and wiggle and jiggle like pros. I think I did well enough to somehow blend in. In the end, our group won and I received a bag and a water jug from Fitness First Cebu.  The group was also awarded a buffet dinner as a prize.

It was a great experience.  I gained new friends, lost weight, and extended my gym membership.  Hopefully, I can sustain and win my battle against obesity.  I am actually starting to see results and I like it a lot. ;)

Here are some pics:

Me with Lala and Cai

My fellow performers

Look at how they dress up

I am supposed to be a King or something

I should have worn a mask too!

Some FF's friendly staff

Group 1

Group 3

We won!


Great party !

Don't hit me with the front kick

Cai and Cire!

FF Dance Gurus!
and someone took a video of our winning number..dang: