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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time to prepare for a Super Typhoon...

A mean looking super typhoon is on its way to Cebu.  Typhoon Bopha which has winds of as strong as 240 km/h is expected to graze Cebu in a few days.   In a few hours, it will be known as Super Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines.  I do not think that many people are even thinking about this typhoon.  It has been sunny for a while here in Cebu and even today I can see that we have a very good weather.  Hey, it is time to really hype this typhoon because it is always better to err in the side of caution when it comes to weather disturbances.  Here are some tips that could help you and your family prepare for this once in 10 years event:

1. Start charging all electronic devices like emergency lights, cellphones, batteries, etc.
2. Buy flashlights and batteries because with winds over 200 km/h there is a definite possibility that electricity will be cut off.
3. Store water and food like biscuits, canned goods, and other easy to prepare items.
4. Strengthen houses that could be weak against wind.  Check roofs for leaks as well.
5. People in coastal areas, flood prone areas, and landslide prone areas should start making emergency and evacuation plans.
6. Prepare transistor radios to monitor the situation in case of brownouts.
7. Start coordinating with your local government and barangays about emergency procedures.
8. Never ignore government warnings about evacuation especially that we are dealing with a super typhoon.
9.  Do not go swimming or fishing out in the sea especially if you are a resident of the areas that are expected to be affected by the weather disturbance.
10. Do not go out of your house starting Tuesday unless it is necessary.

Based on the storm track of website , the typhoon is expected to cross Cebu on the Tuesday night or Wednesday dawn. Winds as strong as 200 km/h is expected when it ravages through the Visayas.  Residents of Surigao, Leyte, Bohol, Cebu, Negros, Panay and Mindoro should take this forecast seriously as Pablo could make landfall in any of these areas.

When was the last time that Cebu ever experienced a storm signal No.4?  Pablo is big possibility to have effects similar to Ruping in the 90's if people and the LGUs are not prepared.  It is time to be ready because this could potentially ruin a lot of Christmas plans.  Spread the word and feel free to make your own suggestions in making us all prepared and to minimize the damage and casualties.

UPDATE: ST Yolanda is coming, please prepare!


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