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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Outlook: The Year of the Popular!

It is now 2013 and it will be a very festive year in Cebu. The year of the Water Snake will likely continue the momentum of the resilient Philippine economy.  It also happens to be an election year for the Philippines.  Many changes could come but the bold and popular could the ones reaping the most rewards this year.

Popularity will be a major thing this year.  People will more likely to believe in "hype" this year.  The best industries would involve marketing like PR machines, retail sales, real estate, and advertising.   Candidates in the elections will most likely dance ala Gangnam style rather than do an Ampatuan-style. Big Yellow Machine of P-Noy and friends will likely dominate the local election arena.  In Cebu, I would be very curios how many Garcias or Ramas will be in power after the May 2013 elections. For products, people will get on with popular gadgets.  Most likely, Apple products will be dominant once again.  Samsung get also make a run depending on how it is marketed.

In real estate, the key will be nature and projects that will be protected against floods and typhoons.  Sales of elevated land could spike.  The middle class market will continue expand.  Big developers will be a making a mark as branding become more highlighted.

The ones who will succeed most this year are the people who can easily deal with changes and go with the flow.  Balimbings and fence-sitters could easily thrive as they can change colors or loyalties without much hesitation.  There will be big changes that are on its way and it could steamroll anyone who dare oppose it.   People with strong charisma and following will really have a great year as their fans and supporters could elevate to greater heights.  If you happen to end up at the wrong side of popular cause or person, just stonewall, consolidate, and wait for the right time to pounce or next year.

For Cebu, it will truly be exciting.  There are so many political battles to watch in May and there could be many surprises. Hopefully, it will not bloody and it is expected that many will be turncoats and end up as strange "bed-fellows". Cebu will host more big sports events and sport lovers will have their fill. While 2013 could be very wet, Cebu will still be a destination of choice for tourists as it is somehow insulated against strong typhoons.   Agriculture, Furniture and local goods will most likely have a good year. Several Cebuanos could become popular this year as long as they have traits make them very likable.  Since Cebu is very popular among tourists, and investors, its economy will definitely grow robustly this year.

It is going really to be a fun year as long as you just enjoy the waves of change.  If God gives you big waves, go surfing!!! Happy New Year!!!