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Monday, February 25, 2013

Starting another blog ----> about losing weight

Well, I have decided to start another blog which will basically act as a journal for my journey towards a better health.  This new blog will just focus on losing weight.   I will try to write down all my finds and discoveries that will help anyone interested to improve his/her physical condition as well as looks.

So far, I have written only entry but I am confident I will be more active in writing in that blog.  It will even help me become more active in updating this blog as well.  One of the main reasons that I have not been writing here as much is that I was trying to shed some pounds. I practically spend my mornings in the gym resulting to less time writing as I have to work and rest. Now that I have established some kind of routine, I am slowly getting more time to write again.  My new blog is called .  

Actually, it is an old blog of mine that never took off because I was not serious then about my fitness goals.  I restarted several times and by making fitness as my last priorities, I bloated to over 100 kilos. That is pretty bad for a guy who is just standing 5'7".  It is definitely obese and my fitness age was like over 60. Come to think of it, I am practically close dying already. 

I realized that I have to be serious with health as I have seen people close to me dying or getting sick. It is time to cut back on fat and fried food.  I went back to the gym and started to be active.  I am slowly seeing the good effects and I am bound to continue this hopefully for a lifetime. 

If you happen to be looking for a companion in you battle against fat, let us communicate at my other blog and help each other. ;)

Let's see how will I look in 3 months. Hopefully, I can maintain my pace and achieve some of my goals by then.