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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Afternoon Wine at La Vie Parisienne

La Vie Parisienne is fast becoming of Cebu's most visited restaurants.  It is basically a wine place that has good selection french wines from the affordable and sweet ones and to the sophisticated ones.  I went to this place with some of my teammates at work. We really enjoyed our experience because it was not as expensive as I thought.

I used to work for a wine company that specialised German Rieslings and I know that good wines are not cheap and most wine places are really expensive.  I can somehow say that this place is different.

Their top seller is there flavoured wine which costs around 250 pesos.  It's sweet, of course and the ladies love it. As well as the men. The place is a great first step towards becoming a connoisseur as it somehow gives you a peek of the wonderful world of wines.

We were lucky on that day that nobody was staying at the cellar and boy, we took advantage.  It was one of the most instagram worthy places in Cebu. We all took countless selfies, usies and wacky poses.  Too bad, I was not able to do a jump shot.

La Vie Parisienne also a great selection of french pastries and you can buy wine matching meats and cheeses at the deli. The most amazing is part is that the place is really affordable.  I see some college students go there once in a while and the place is a big bargain for a guy who would like to impress a girl that he likes. A little wine could be the difference between Yes and No. ;)

It was a fun a visit and I even saw some friends there on that day.  La Vie Parisienne is highly recommended place to catch up with old friends and to experience a glimpse of Parisian life in Cebu. C'est la vie!!!

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