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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's More Fun in the Philippines: Lake Danao, Ormoc City, Leyte

Ormoc has a special place in my heart as it is the birthplace of my mom.  We have been to Ormoc City several times and we just usually stay in the city.  In my mom's recent vacation to Ormoc, we decided to check out the beautiful places that the city is known for.  One of the first places we visited is Lake Danao National Park.  We were accompanied by my aunt and cousins from Ormoc when we went there. We were able to have a lunch that is full of laughter and good food.

 Lake Danao is about an hour away from Ormoc city proper.  It is located in the mountainous portion of the city. The guitar-shaped lake is very popular among locals and tourists especially during summer.  The entrance fee is only 10 pesos.
We rented a floating cottage for P300 an hour.  The floating cottage includes a grill area where people can cook some fish or meat. We brought our own food and we even have fresh fish ready for sugba.
+Nezte Virtudazo and I took turns pulling the cottage to the middle portion of the lake.  It was such a good workout. 
Digoy, our driver, was the in-charge for grilling the fish and meat.
While waiting for the food to cook, I decided to take a dip on the lake.  I have never bathed in a lake before and swimming at Lake Danao was an incredible experience for me.  The water was cold which was a great cure for the searing heat of summer. The lake is pretty deep and non-swimmers are advised to use inflatables should they decide to go swimming.
Nezte was enjoying the 1- year old Tuba made by Uncle Frank Tobio. He says that it was the type of drink that he was looking for for a long time.
Tita Louella Codilla Tobio and family prepared a bountiful spread for lunch that included halabos na hipon, crabs, lato, boiled saging and camote,  kinilaw, and the freshly grilled fish and pork. Eating in such serene setting increased my appetite by leaps and bounds. It was one of the best meals I had in months.

My mom and I had a photo with our relatives from Ormoc who came with us.  We are so grateful for their warm hospitality and in making us feel at home.
There are many non-motorized watersports activities at Lake Danao like kayaking, and paddle boarding.  We would have to rent a kayak or banca but we were pressed for time.  The rent for the equipment is around 200-500 per hour.
After two hours, we decided to wrap up our lunch and head for Albuera.  Before leaving Lake Danao National Park, we went to the Lake Danao Viewdeck to see the lake at a different vantage point.
At the viewing deck, one can take photos with the lake at the background.

Lake Danao National Park is an awesome place to stay during the summer.  Since it is elevated, the temperature there is cooler than in the city. You might have to travel for an hour to get there and pass by some rough roads but believe me, the trip will be worth it. I also like that the local government is making the place as natural as possible.  If you happen to be in Ormoc or in a nearby Leyte town, I strongly recommend that you should check out  Lake Danao National Park and have a fun time with your friends and family.

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