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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sports: Mandaue quitting Liga Pilipinas?

After its very surprising campaign in the recent conference of the Liga Pilipinas, the Mandaue-RDAK/Cebu Landmasters basketball squad might be skipping a conference due to some issues. They were quite dominant in the elimination phase and the team even won 3 leg titles. The team finished as No.1 going into the season-ending Super Leg.  They were surprised that the Super Leg is held in Cagayan de Oro City thereby giving the MirOr Meteors some sort off a home court advantage. MisOr eventually won the conference title by beating the Cebu Niños in the finals. Mandaue settled for 4th. Newspapers reported that Mayor Jonas Cortes was mad because Mandaue was not given the right to host the Super Leg owing to the fact that they were the top team. The mayor so far has not committed to support the team in the next conference.

Sportsmen are quiet passionate when it comes to their sport. Winning is very important and people try to get as much as advantage when competing. Home court advantage has a big effect and people cannot discount its a factor towards winning. I feel for the mayor and I know that Mandaue will be a big loss to the league should they decide to quit. For years, Liga Pilipinas was only dominated by Cebu Niños and Misamis Oriental Meteors.  Many teams joined and then disbanded after one conference. A lot of teams are not putting up squads that will contend with the big boys until this year when Mandaue formed a formidable team. For the sake of the league, I would like to call on its leadership especially Noli Eala that they will convince the management of the Mandaue team to support the fledging league.