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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fire Prevention Tips

It is March again, the Fire Prevention Month. During this month, the country experiences the most number of fires in a year. As of March 10, 2012, there were 8 fires already in Cebu. Several Cebuanos were left homeless and some even died. Here are some helpful information relating to fire safety and prevention.

Fire Station Numbers:
In case of fire call 160 in any landline

Here are some of the direct lines

Cebu City Fire Station
Tel. Nos. 2560541 / 2548385 DirectLine: 2550862

Cebu Fil-Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade
Tel. Nos. 2540200 / 2540300 Mobile: 0918-9099785

Mandaue City Fire Department
Tel. Nos. 3444747 Hotline: 3443364

Talisay City Fire Department

Minglanilla Fire Department

Argao Fire Department

Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF)

Fire Safety Tips:

1. Check electric appliance and its wires regularly.
2. Make sure to turn the valve off of the LPG or Gasul when not in use.
3. Unplug appliances when not in use.
4. Make sure your house has a fire exit. Make sure everyone knows where to go in case of fire. 
5. For people who have fire extinguishers, check these regularly. Check expiry and once it's used, you have to replace it.
6. Do not overload extension cords.
7. Do not let wires run under rugs or flammable materials.
8. Know the emergency numbers.
9. Keep cooking areas free from combustible materials. Smother flames when grease or oil catches fire rather than pour water.
10. Keep matches and lighter out of children's reach. 
11. Educate the children about not playing with fire.
12. Never leave candles unattended.
13. During brownouts, unplug the appliances.
14. If burned, place wound under cool water for at least 10 minutes.
15. During fire, never try to go back and get your things once your house is burning. Many people die due to smoke ingestion. Stay in an open space away from smoke if possible.


Cebu Emergency Numbers
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