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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visita Iglesia 2012

As part of our Lenten tradition as a couple, my wife and I makes it a habit to visit at least one church on Maundy Thursday. 2012 was no different. This year, we visited 2 churches. The first was the Alliance of Two Hearts in Banawa. The Church is quiet special because when I was child, I was one of the little angels during Easter Sundays way back when Alliance was still a chapel. We used to lived in Limkakeng Subdivision. The second church we visited was the Redemptorist Church. It was the church where Steph and I got married in 2004. We were not able to visit more churches because started and late and line for confession was quiet long. Our new helpers May and Tata accompanied us. There were so many people who went around the churches of Cebu this year. Indeed, the Catholic faith is very strong in Cebu.

Every since we moved back to Cebu, we try to do a Visita Iglesia (spanish for Church Visit) during Holy Thursday. This tradition is quiet popular for Catholics in the Philippines. The churches are usually packed with devotees and the priests are busy hearing confession. Some people even visit as many as 14 churches. During the visit, people pray the Stations of the Cross. Before, the prayers are done with prayer booklets. Now, I saw many people using their Ipads, Galaxy Tabs and other gadgets as prayer aids. My wife even downloaded an android app for the Stations of the Cross and other prayers. It is quiet good to see that new technology has some application in faith. Who says that science and religion cannot mix?


Stations of the Cross app
Visiting Sto. Nino
Kristina's Baptism at Alliance of Two Hearts