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Monday, May 28, 2012

Food Trip: Lechon Belly at Parkmall

A few weeks ago during one of our exhibits at Parkmall, I saw a lot of shoppers lining up at this new stall.  Upon further investigation,  I saw that they were crowding around a new lechon store.  I thought it was just the usual Lechon Cebu stall that you see practically in every corner, especially on Sundays. But lo and behold, the stall offered a unique kind of lechon.  For one, it is boneless and they call it lechon belly. I thought it was just a simple fusion of the typical lechon, and another favorite, the liempo. I was wrong again.  Well, the lechon belly is shaped like a pork roast, but it has the red color of lechon cebu with its crispy skin.  The lechon belly has no heads, tail, yummy ribs, and legs.  Interesting.  When someone orders let's say, a quarter of a kilo, the attendant slices the lechon belly like a pork roast.  He then weighs it and chops it and it now looks like a "normal" 1/4 kilo of chopped lechon goodness.

Another nice innovation that they did is that their lechon comes in 2 flavors.  For a minimum charge, you can have a spicy version.  The stall also sells puso which goes so well with the lechon.  The best part is that they provide plastic gloves so that you can eat it "kinamot". Here are some of the pictures I took the first time my friends ate at Cebu's Original Lechon Belly:

It was still early yet people were lining up!

Pork Roast with a Crispy Skin!!

Prices as of May 2012...subject to change without prior notice

Spicy is the best seller

Look Ma, no spoon and fork!