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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Light" meal at Zubuchon with Ninang Bem

When Steph and I got married, we picked her former office mate Celestina "Bem-Bem" Palma as one of our Godmothers. Teacher Bem or Ninang Bem visited Cebu recently and my wife made sure that we would go out with her before she would fly back to Manila. My wife asked me to pick a good place to eat. I really had a hard time deciding. Since Ninang Bem was staying at her parent's place in B. Rodriguez, I decided to take both of them to Zubuchon at One Mango Avenue.

Ninang Bem wanted to have a light dinner.  Well, we had our own Zubuchin Lite version that night. ;) So here is how our "light" meal went:

1/4 Kilo of lechon is light, right?

All-meat dugo-dugo (blood soup)...No innards....

Kamias shake, so refreshing.  What a revelation?

Adobong Kang Kong... green leafy veggie

Seaweed selection... another light item
It was a very filling, "light" meal; but, all 3 of us had a grand time.  I particularly loved the Kamias shake (Iba).  I never expected that a fruit that I normally ignored would taste that good as a shake.  The seaweed selection had lato, guso, and lukot.  Zubuchon's lechon skin was crispy. The dinuguan was magnificent.  Indeed, it was a great meal and I am looking forward to more special dinners with our Ninang Bem some time in the future, in Katipunan perhaps?   ;)


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