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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Anniversary at Cyma

To celebrate our 8th year wedding anniversary, I took my wife to Cyma Greek Taverna at the Ayala Terraces. I am very happy for the new milestone in our relationship. The 7th year was quite challenging and it was full of changes and new opportunities in our lives as an individual and as a couple.  I am vey thankful to God that he has a given ways to somehow overcome some challenges in our lives.  We would not also be able to be together for this long without the help of our parents, elders, and some dear friends.

If I have to include our years as girlfriend and boyfriend, Steph has been with me for over 17 years already. Such a long time already but it is really fun to have her by my side.  Judging from how long-term our relationship has become, long waits have been a norm. God know what have we been waiting for and who knows on the 8th year it will be fulfilled. ;)

Carlo and Steph poses at the garage
Posing at home before going to Ayala

Stephanie Arlene Miel Olano August 7, 2012
My lovely wife who seems to have stopped aging ;)

bread and dips at Cyma Restaurant
Appetizing appetizers!

The Dip sampler was superb!

Kakavia at Cyma
The Kakavia was memorable!

moussaka at Cyma Restaurant
Moussaka - Greece's national dish

Gotta love the breads

Anniversary dinner at Cyma
Souvenir pose

Carlo Andrew Olano on august 7, 2012
happy me!

7th year at Plantation Bay
Food Trip First quarter of 2012
Steph and Carlo at Olio