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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zumba fever at the CICC

Aside from running and triathlon, another "in-thing" when it comes to fitness here in Cebu is Zumba.  Zumba is basically a latin-inspired dance fitness program.  It is easy to follow that kids and grown ups can have an exciting time while losing weight and gaining stamina.  Last weekend, a big Zumba event was sponsored by Gold's Gym Cebu at the Cebu International Convention Center.  There were many participants and they can in all shapes, sizes, and age groups.  Watching many people dance made me want to go to the gym again and join a dance class.  Since I was not dressed properly for the event, I decided to just be contended to taking pictures and cheering on the participants.  Here are some of the pictures that I took on the said event:

 Maam Evelyn, our colleague at the Rainmakers' Group at Robinsons Homes Cebu is the primary why went there.  Evelyn has been involved in aerobics for quiet some time now and she was very excited to join the event.  When we saw her, she was ready to go.

 Before the event started, Evelyn and a couple of friends spent sometime trying to perfect jump shots for posterity sake.
 Her group also did some "backling" while waiting for the sun to set so that event would start.

 Taking pictures was contagious as Steph and I joined the fun by taking some souvenir shots as well.

 It was also a nice event to test some of the cool features of the Sony a57.  I was able to isolate some colors in some shots which came out well. Also, I was able to do a panorama shot of the participants.  I really enjoyed using the Sony a57.
The event started at around 5:30 pm and the dance party were led by Gold's Gym's dance instructors.  They started with a hip-hop number then followed by some latin and the dancing went on and on.

We did not stay for long as we have to go to mass. It was really fun to see such large crowd dancing.  I hope that next time I will not just be a photographer....


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