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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trekking then Swimming in a Hidden Falls in Toledo

Last Summer, Mama was invited by a family friend to visit her rest house in Toledo.  We jumped at the chance because we rarely go out hiking.  It was quiet enthusiastic because I sort off missed this kind of activities.  I missed going to hills, climbing trees, and exploring nature.

 The first part of our adventure involved hiking and trekking.  We crossed several streams and climb some hills for about an hour.  Steph and I were enjoying the walk as we had fun being trekking buddies. After minutes of trying to find the hidden waterfalls, we finally arrived in our destination.

 The falls is about 25 feet high and the best thing about is that we have all by ourselves.

 Our hosts treated us with a very delicious lunch that included boiled camote, ripe nangka, and sinugbang baboy.   After eating lunch, it was time to swim.

The water was ice cold and we truly had a swell.  If only it was not as far from the city, I could probably go there everyday.  It was the most enjoyable things that we did last summer.


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