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Monday, September 30, 2013

Dance Dance Dance to Lose Weight...

I really wanted to lose weight and I do not like running. I am just not one of those who love job and run around in circles.  I think it is because I get bored easily. Good thing, I found a fun way weight to be fit. I really love dancing.  While it does not give the same calorie burn as a 10k, the fun factor for me is just more than 10 times better. 

The nice thing about dancing in Cebu now it is becoming as common as fun runs. There are daily and weekly public Zumba classes. You can even now dance inside the malls like Ayala Centre, J Centre Mall, Parkmall, and Robinsons Cybergate. It's convenient, fun, and more importantly, effective.

My "addiction" to dancing started when I went back to Fitness First Cebu late last year.  I was really out of shape and I have not worked out for 2 years. It was tough.  I do not like the sound of the treadmill when running even at the speed of 7.5 km/h. The pounding sounded more like a carpenter in hammering away rather someone running smoothly at the machine.  Heck, I did not want to embarrass myself.  Good thing my gym offers 3 kinds of dance classes. There is Zumba, Sh'Bam and Body Jam.  Zumba is probably the most popular fitness dance program in the world while Sh'Bam and Body Jam are programs designed by internationally recognized Les Mills.

I felt so much better in dancing and my stamina and skill improved after each session. I even made a lot friends because of dancing.  The group effect contributed a lot in my weight loss.  I was even able to invite a lot of friends to join the craze.  

Last summer, Fitness First Cebu launched its new programs at the Ayala Terraces. I was there  along with my wife and many of my colleagues at Robinsons Homes Rainmakers Group. I was not the only one having a great time. Here are some of the pics of my Summer of Dance:

Glace, Arian, Aliel and Jessa

Me, Nectar, Steph, and Angie

The Rainmakers during Intermission

Cry Cry and Kerwin joining the dance

Afternoon Dance

Posing with Cire and Lindy
Dancing is a good way to lose weight.  You do  not even have to spend anything as you can practically dance anywhere.  Dancing is a skill as well.  By improving your dancing skills, you will be more confident in your next Christmas presentation or the next time you go clubbing with friends.  Let's Dance! If you want to join us in the gym, let me know. ;)

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