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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Joining a Saladmaster demo

I recently joined the Saladmaster demo by a fellow member at Fitness First.  I was there with a handful of other members from Fitness First Cebu.  The products of Saladmaster are quiet impressive. I am actually amazed how human beings move from hunting and gathering to using sophisticated gadgets in cooking.  We really came a long long way. I really enjoyed eating the sample dishes.  The no-fry "Fried Chicken" was crispy and juicy while the Fish Sinigang was really tasty even if it did not use water for cooking. The only downside with the products I guess were the price. A regular home cook cannot afford these amazing products. The whole set actually costs like a brand new car already. Maybe I will buy one set when I win the lottery which is very soon hehehehe. ;)

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