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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welome to Summer 2014! The Summer of Kaizen!

It has been a while since I last posted in this blog.  It was a combination of being busy, lazy, and having my smart phone in the repair shop.  It has been a while and I know that in a way my fingers and brain are still rusty. I realized that writing is an important part of my life and growth. Summer is always one of the best times to write about something. It is the time of new adventures, new friends, new challenges, and most definitely, new articles and blog entries.

Summer 2014 is an exciting time for me.  I am once again in a crossroads when it comes to my life and career.  Big decisions are going to be made this summer. Changes will be a big part of it.  So I will call my summer as the summer of Kaizen.  Kaizen is a Japanese term for "change for the better".  It will all be about continuous improvement. Growth. There will be some big changes. Changes in loyalty, company, mindset, and strategy. 

I will be launching several personal projects in the days to come. They are somewhat related to "Happiness Project" or #100happydays. The concept is similar.  It is about doing what makes me happy. It is also different as I will be focusing on a few things that could be a means to my happiness. My projects could be about getting rich, getting that awesome body, or starting a family. One big part of this "new me" is that I will be writing more.  When I am bored, I usually get unique ideas on how to make life better and even concoct weird scenarios that end up happening in the future.  I am unable to write about these funny epiphanies.  I want to remember all of it. 

I guess my first hashtag to be launched in the Summer of 2014 is #projectprophet. This hashtag is all about my thoughts about the future.  It could even include some fantastic tales about certain things, people, places, and events. I am just going to give myself a venue to express my creative thoughts. I won't force myself to write on this hashtag.  Articles will only come out only when I experience "prophetic" episodes. 

The other hashtags that I will write on will be fitness (#projectdude), food (#kalamicebu), finances (#projectrainmaker), and family (#projectdad).  It is going to be an interesting summer.  I expect to sustain it and I expect to write about it as often as I could. I am glad to have my phone back I expect to start churning more blog entries using my Sony Xperia Z1. 

Let us all have an amazing summer ahead!!!