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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Integrating this blog to my Wordpress site

Yesterday, I sort of decided to upgrade my Wordpress account so that I have a unique .com site.  Now, I have a site name I did all of this so that I can apply for Wordads, the new advertising system by Wordpress which is some kinda similar to Google Ads. I paid $18 for a year subscription.  After having a new name to my site, I started fiddling on what is in the dashboard.  I saw in the sidebar the word tools when I hove my mouse over tools, a menu will pop out and I clicked on Import.

After clicking Import, I read that I can import any blog for other platform like blogger to my Wordpress (WP) blog.  I clicked blogger and then after permitting WP to access my blogger acount, I chose to import the contents of this blog. Suddenly, all my posts here are posted in my site.  The nice thing about it is that it was posted in chronological order so my recent posts in were not buried.  

Now, my older posts are in the other site. So, what good does it do? Well, for one, I will have some "back-up" storage for very old posts.  Second, it could be useful if one intend to delete or transfer a blog to a different site.  There might be more benefits to it and I will discover it soon.

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