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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thanks, Google!

Well, I have been blogging for fun for quiet sometime. When I was starting using blogger, I was a curios about the monetize feature of the site. I just clicked it and read that blogs can actually make money through google ads. Yeah right, was the first statement that popped to my head.  When I read the details, it said I make a few cents every time somebody clicks an ad in one my blogs. I can only "withdraw" the money once it reaches $100. I was like saying I could probably have that after 10 years of blogging with the rate I was going.

I realized I was off by 8 years. Hehehe. When I checked my adsense account that I have reached the minimum amount, I was still skeptical about receiving money from Google.  I read the notification about the money sent and I immediately to the nearest Western Union outlet in my place. I was given $100. I real 100 bucks as in Benjamin Franklin. 

You can really make money through blogging via Google Ads.  It is not easy but I was even expecting this to happen. If you have a lot of spare time and a free internet connection, why not start blogging...NOW! ;)