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Friday, June 1, 2012

Parkmall- Cebu's Most Pet-friendly Mall

I know a lot of people who love dogs and cats. They would sometimes wish that they could bring their favorite pet in malls. Well in Cebu, there is a mall that allows you and your pet to enjoy malling together. The management of Parkmall in Mandaue allows pets inside the mall. You just have to register your dog or cat, and then you practically go malling with your favorite animal companion.

Parkmall is usually filled with pet-loving shoppers on weekends.  I saw countless of breeds and sizes of dogs visit the mall with their masters. To bring your dog, it must have a leash and at least, it should be toilet-trained (or else you would end up picking its pooh, which is rather embarrassing).  You can also have your dogs wear a diaper just to be sure.  I do not know the reaction of the mall management if I brought a mongrel (Azkal) there.  I guess, it won't matter much , as long as the dog is well-behaved.  If I bring an Azkal named James Younghusband, I might definitely cause some sort of pandemonium. ;)

What nice fur you have...

A pack of Chow chows invaded Parkmall ;)

Dogs in escalators??

It doesn't matter how small your pet is...

It doesn't matter how long its hair...

as long as its can bring it to the mall

It would be a different story if I bring them to Parkmall ;)