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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Food Trip: Ryan's Pizzarelli House

After a long day at work, I took some of my group mates along with my wife and her cousin Lenmar to Ryan's Pizzarelli Place.  The Pizza place is located at Maria Christina Extension, Camputhaw, Cebu City.  For me, I consider the joint as one of Cebu's hidden gourmet gems as it took me quite a while a to find this place.  I first heard about this at and I accidentally found the place when I was driving around Elizabeth Pond. 

When we went there, we feasted on pizza, calzone, and panzerotti.  It was one of heck of a carbo-loading adventure. Coupled with light-hearted conversations with friends, it was a perfect recap to a very productive day.  We  had this dinner just a few hours after a "wild and wacky visit" at Aspen Heights.

I really recommend the place if you are craving for pizza and calzone. The prices are good considering the quality and size of their items (200-300 per order). Most likely, you will be a big fan and I might see you in their picture-filled walls soon. 

They also do delivery!

Me, Steph, Flo, Ariane, Jil and Kim

Lenmar and Ariane (aka Derek Ramsey and Ara Mina - malaria version. j/k)

photo wall




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