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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Dinner at Bigby's with Leslie and Family

My cousin Jane Leslie Lawas Howard went home to Cebu from Edinburgh, Scotland last April.  Leslie is the eldest daughter of the late Benjamin Lawas, my mom's brother.  She is the sister of Rose (Lotlot) and the mother of LJ and Kyle. Her mom is Auntie Luz.

The "balikbayan" wanted to treat us to dinner a few days after her arrival.  We decided to meet at SM City Cebu and look for a good restaurant there.  Here whole family was there.  Steph and I came together while Mommy Ely was with Manang Tal. We decided to eat at Bigby's.  Our sumptuous meal included some pasta dishes, seafood, grilled goodies, and appetizers. We really had a great time.  Thank you, Leslie. We are looking forward to your next visit to Cebu!

Leslie with her sister Rose, mom Luz, and daughter LJ

Mommy Ely with the sisters

Late Uncle Ben's daughters

Rose, Kristoffer, and their lovely baby Kristina
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