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Monday, October 28, 2013

My Intense Fitness Weekend

Over the weekend I joined 2 charity events related to fitness. I have been working out regularly for the past couple of months but I am sort of raising it to another level by joining some fitness events to augment my fitness regimens.  Last weekend was quiet busy a joined a late afternoon dance marathon then woke up very early the next day for a fun run. 

The first event I joined was the ICancerVive Dance to Combat Breast Cancer.  It was held at Persimmon Plus in Mabolo and it was organized by real estate developer AboitizLand.  I joined because the fitness instructors on that event were my home gym (Fitness First Cebu).  I also have been a supporter of Pink October events and I even joined the Pink October Run the other week.  The 2 hour fitness marathon involved Sh'Bam, BodyCombat, and Zumba and the proceeds of the event was breast cancer patients.  Many of the gym regulars were there to support the "Dance to Combat Breast Cancer".  I even brought my wife to tag along and she ended up sweating more than I did as I was contented in taking photos and videos of the participants. It was a good time to test how good my new mobile phone (Xperia Z1) in taking photos and pictures during events.  I really had a great time in the dance marathon and I would not hesitate joining similar events in the future.  I was even able to take videos of the different segments of the 2-hour dance marathon, check these out:

After a nice dinner, I have to hit the sack because my wife and I are joining a fun run the next day.  The fun run dubbed as "Run for SugBohol" was a charity run organized by Run for Sight and GMA Network to fund relief efforts for the earthquake victims in Bohol. I joined the 5k while my wife and her parents joined the 3k. There were over 1,000 runners who joined the run and more than a quarter of a million was raised during the event.  I brought my Xperia Z1 to the event and thanks to Smart LTE, I was able to instantly upload some pics via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Since the phone is waterproof, I just held the whole time while doing the 5k.  My time was around 35 minutes and I practically arrived at the finished line at the same time as my wife. For participating in the future, we were both given a free entrance ticket to St. James amusement park. I was able to take some photos of celebrity Donna Cruz-Larrazabal after the event and I even have a photo with her husband Dr. Yong Larrazabal, the organizer of the event.

It was an intense weekend and I ended kinda sore the next day but it was all worth it as both events were for a good cause. I am also happy that I was able to involve my wife in the events that I am passionate about.  I am hoping that she feels as fulfilled as I am. ;)