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Friday, July 18, 2014

It's More Fun in Cebu: Liv Superclub

The newest upscale dance club in Cebu is fast becoming one of the favourite weekend destinations of the young and the young at heart.  Liv Super Club is located at the City Times Square near Parkmall in Mandaue City, Cebu.  Liv Super club is touting itself as the first and the biggest luxury club in Cebu.

The club features some of Cebu's top DJ's every night and they have many events that feature some of the best DJs in the Philippines and the world. Based on the accounts of party regulars, the club is at par with some of the best bars in Manila. 

Every corner of the club is beamed with laser lights and every table are decorated with lights. As you enter Liv Super Club, you will easily notice the towering LED screen at the DJ booth.

The club has a wide selection of drinks to choose from.  If you want to go to Liv, you also to follow a strict dress code.  The club is fast becoming one of the best places to go for dancing and drinking.  It is an alternative to Mango Avenue and the IT Park bars like The Den.

My Visit

I visited Liv Super Club last Wednesday as part of our Acquaintance Party for the new members of the Rainmakers Group. Why Wednesday? Well, it was our free day of the week where all of my agents do not have exhibit schedules plus it was Ladies' Night.  Females will have a free entrance plus free drinks.  Other genders will only have to shell out 100 pesos which is a bargain for a club like Liv. 

We all went inside around 11 pm and settled in a VIP table.  The VIP table costs 4,000 pesos consumable. The staff were really friendly and attentive. They have a push button at the VIP table when you want to order food and drinks. 

The place was not as packed as I expected maybe because it was a Wednesday but most tables were occupied.  The crowd mix was wide.  There was group of Indian looking men. There was another table occupied by 40sh men. Many tables were occupied by students and young professionals.  My friend Clyde even saw a group looking like a whole family. There were also several foreign looking guests and even some cross dressers. 

We were given our free drinks which was like a long island iced tea or screwdriver but most of us ignored it because we had around 4,000 pesos to burn and most of it was paid for by Grace who wasn't able to come due to some death in the family. We first ordered a bottle of Jose Cuervo which was Clyde's favourite. I did not drink much because I was still fighting off stomach flu symptoms plus I was driving my mother in law's car. I think the whole night I only drank a shot of tequila. 

There was not much action in the dance floor at around 11:30 as most of the groups were content dancing near their tables or talking with their companions. Nezte arrived a few minutes later and easily gravitated towards an adjacent table which had 3 20sh girls who were eating and drinking. He easily made friends with them while the rest of the group started dancing. 

The music mix was good and the sound system at Liv was very crisp and the bass was heart-pounding. We suddenly found ourselves in the middle dance floor and making friends with a cross dresser who came with a middle-aged foreigner.  That ladyboy was really making a scene with his outrageous dance moves which also encouraged my lady companions to also show off their skills. We were really having fun and we even danced on top of the "table" in the dance floor. It was not as crowded as places in Mango Avenue so we practically owned a good spot on the dance floor of Liv Super Club.

Since we were still halfway in consuming our 4,000 pesos, some of us ordered food while the boys ordered several buckets of beer.  Some of Nezte's friends arrived with a Dutch guest. There was a mini-trouble in the dance floor when an Indian who was acting like a joker in the dance floor got the ire of a group middle-aged men.  We saw him getting pushed and being bullied by three to four guys. Good thing that the bouncer intervened and prevented the whole situation to escalate into a brawl.

We ended our party at around 2 a.m. since we still have work the next day. It was fun and memorable.  I really like Liv Super Club because it is close to home and parking space is ample and it is not as crowded as the clubs in Mango. I will probably go back there on a weekend or during an event to see really what it offers. So far, I like what I see and I would love go back and hopefully in better shape. ;)

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