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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kalami Cebu Files: The Chocolate Chamber

Before the summer started, I started a blog about my food adventures in Cebu.  It is named Kalami Cebu.  The blog is named after my Facebook page where I post all my #foodporn photos. The blog will feature restaurants and eateries in Cebu.  It could even feature some recipes of the favourite viands, desserts, and snacks of typical Cebuanos

I recently wrote an entry on The Chocolate Chamber.  The chocolate and dessert shop is located just 5 minutes from my place and it has somehow gained some following from the sweet-toothed Cebuanos, as well as, the social media crowd. I would say that the place is really Instagram-worthy. The entrees are a bit expensive but it all looked and tasted great.  The owners put a premium on quality and it shows.....  READ MORE


Kalami Cebu visits The Chocolate Chamber
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