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Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer 2014: A Summer to Remember

A few months ago just before summer started, I planned to make a lot of local trips for the of summer 2014.  I figured that there are so many places to be explored locally.  While some love to travel overseas during summer, I felt that it is a great time to stay in the Philippines because I believe that the Department of Tourism tagline--- "It's more in the Philippines" is true.  I know say it is and I will to prove that is truly FUN here.

The next few articles in this blog will all be about summer 2014.  My friend Nezte Virtudazo and I wanted this to be "A Summer to Remember".  It will be using the hashtag #summertoremember in my entries about my summer.

Summer is almost over and I think I have more than 10GBs of photos and videos yet to be uploaded. I guess today is a good time to start writing about my summer adventures.  I hope that you had a great summer, as well.