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Friday, May 23, 2014

#summertoremember: Island Hopping with the future doctors via Island Banca Cruises

#Summer2014 started off great as I joined my wife and her group mates for an island hopping activity in Mactan.  A couple of her block mates were celebrating their birthdays and they decided to go island hopping via Island Banca Cruises.  The Island Banca Cruises' dock is located right before Movenpick Hotel, if you are coming from Cebu.  Even though there was a limited parking space, it was enough for us, since it was not the busy season yet. 

The banca was cool as it had bean bags for the passengers to lounge around.  We went to Nalusuan Island.  It was still high tide so we were not able to see the sand bar, but we enjoyed swimming there as the water was just hip level.  We then checked out the marine sanctuary and took a lot of pictures of the school of fish. It was the first big underwater test for my Sony Xperia Z1 camera.

I was a bit scared to really test if my smartphone is water proof, but the situation called for it. We were snorkeling and there were really lots of fish.  I am so happy that my phone is indeed water proof and that it takes amazing photos underwater.  

Here are some pics and a video recap of the amazing opening salvo my #summertoremember.

It's more fun in Papa Kit's
Mobile Photography made easy with Xperia Z1
Island Hopping: Caohagan December 2009
Rainmakers go Island Hopping 2013

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