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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day at Planet Grapes

Wines at Planet Grapes Cebu

Valentine's Day has always been an important "holiday" for my wife.  I have been "scolded" many times by her because I do not make preparations for February 14.  This year it is a bit different because for the first time in my life, I made reservations for Valentine's Day.  I decided that we will have lunch at Planet Grapes in Ayala.

I like it there because there is ample parking at the basement and it is not as crowded during lunch time. We decided to get their Valentine's special set. They prepared 2 special sets for month of love that includes an appetiser, main course, wine, and dessert for 995 pesos. I picked the steak set while Steph chose the fish set.

Sampler in Crime, Canapies at Planet Grapes Cebu
Sampler in Crime

Rib Eye Steak at Planet Grapes Ayala Center Cebu
Your Biggest Mi-STEAK

Lapu-lapu Fillet at Planet Grapes Cebu
Never been FISH-ed

delicious dessert at Planet Grapes
Chocolate Devotion

Valentine's Day Lunch at Planet Grapes Ayala Center Cebu

We really enjoyed lunch from the salad to the sampler to the main course to the wine and the dessert.    I enjoyed the names of what I ate as well.  We were served dishes called Never Been Fish-ed, Biggest Mi-Steak, Sampler in Crime, and Chocolate Devotion. It was one great meal that I did not mind paying for. I am confident that my wife was happy but also nervous that I have to do this every year onwards.  

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!