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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Foodtrip: Cebu Dimsum (Steamed Rice, anyone?)

Dimsum (Dim Sum) means heart's delight in Cantonese.  Dim sum are dishes served in small servings in Chinese teahouses.  In Cebu, dimsum was first popularized by Ding Qua Qua.  I still remember when I  was still in Elementary and High School; my family would often go to the Dinq Qua Qua in Mango Avenue, beside the Rustan's Building.  The best-seller is definitely their famed steam rice.  Even as a thin child then,  I could finish 2 orders of this popular and unique "dim sum".  Steamed rice is not actually a dim sum in the strict sense; but, I bet a lot of Cebuanos would try to order "steamed rice" in teahouses in Manila, hoping to get this Ding Qua Qua favorite, only to be disappointed if they are served with plain white rice. So, what is steamed rice?  Well it is a meal in a bowl much like the rice toppings but a lot more savory.  It's made of rice topped with a sumptuous pork stew with shrimps and green peas.  Now, there are other versions using Chicken or Beef.  

Just like the classic teahouses, Cebu dim sum outlets serve a variety of steamed and fried dishes.  Siomai (from plain to quail egg, sharksfin, mushroom),  Siopao, steamed shrimp dumplings, spring rolls (another favorite!), chicken feet, fried spare ribs, machang, shrimp toasts, taro puffs, and many more.  If you wanna try everything Ding Qua Qua has an eat all you can buffet at JY Square Lahug.  The Kokseng and Uytengsu families who manage the popular Cebu dim sum chain also own Harbour City and Dimsum Break.  If you want to give them a call here's a link : dimsum restos number.

A new Dimsum Teahouse opened in the posh Ayala Terraces recently.  Tsim Sha Tsui offers your dim sum favorites in a conveyor belt.  The conveyor belt buffet is eat-all-you can.  If do not have such large appetite, you can always grab a dim sum at a regular table.  

If you visit Cebu, try our dimsum and never ever forget to order STEAMED RICE. ;)


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