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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Food Trip: Feelin' Japanese at Kotobukiya

I love Ramen. One time, while exploring this new mall in Mandaue, I found this new Japanese place named Kotobukiya Restaurant. I browsed on their menu and saw that their ramen cost around 235 pesos. I realized that if I should there, I should take my wife. For February, we actually ate at Kotobukiya twice already.

 The restaurant is located at JCentre Mall.

 The place is clean and some tables are big enough to fit at least 6 diners.

 Stephie really likes the Mini-Chasu donburi. It is a meal by itself. Japanese rice topped with pork strips and sesame seeds.

 The Ramen is good for 2 people. You can also have Ramen in Miso or in a hot version.

There are loads of appetizers and side dishes to choose from. Kotobukiya also serves Curry rice, gyoza, and Fried Chicken set to accompany their delicious ramen.

Overall, we really liked eating there. The food is great. The service crew are friendly. The prices are very reasonable. The place also accept major credit cards. The place is not the same as your typical Japanese restaurants here as they do not serve items like tempura, sashimi, and sushi, they are more of a ramen and curry house. If you happen to crave for some Ramen and other Japanese dishes try this place out.

J Centre Mall (buyincebu)