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Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day, my Beloved!

In 2 hours time, it will be Valentine's Day. You may or may not have someone special but I do. I dedicate this post to my wife, my valentine in the past 18 years. 

I still remember the first time I visited you in your dorm way back when you still hated me. I was in my bowling class and probably got my worst score ever because I was so in a hurry to see you. You still hated me then but nevertheless I started my "pursuit".  Months later you became my girlfriend. I still remember one time while in college when our school fair coincided with Valentine's day and we had a "picnic" in the sunken garden.  I have so many fun memories in your favorite "holiday".  years gone by and now, you are my wife. 

When we went back to Cebu, I remembered that one time we spent V-day in Joven's Grill because I was once again dumb not to reserve a special restaurant for you. I admire how you take in stride and still made the most of the night. I cherish all those memories. 

We had a challenging year and we are still facing many challenges in life. I know that I can overcome it all with you by my side. I LOVE YOU very much and I thank you for loving me who is opposite to you in so many ways.

Indeed, as I write this post I realized that I became determined to make you my wife on Valentine's Day 18 years ago. Happy Valentine's Day and let us make more wonderful memories together.

To everyone, Happy Valentine's day!!!! ;)