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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sports Event: 9th Thirsty Cup

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to watch some games of 9th Thirsty Cup held simultaneously in USC Talamban and San Roque Football Grounds. I went to USC Talamban to check out the games. There was a low pressure area at the the time over Mindanao, so Cebu was experiencing some rains. Because of the rain, the field became very muddy. The condition of the field did not dampen the spirits of the participants, as they played with passion and skill. 

The competition in the girl's Under 17 was fierce. The girls did not mind being muddy after each game. There were many spills and minor injuries but all in all, the games were very competitive and I could see these players giving their all.

Over at player 6 side, the kids from my wife's school played their first ever football tournament. The players from Children's Paradise Montessori School (CPMS) did not win a single game, but you could see from the kids' faces that they truly enjoyed and cherished the experience.

Before going home, I was able to witness the Players 8 championship match between Barili FC and Masbate. It was a very close match and Barili Fc eventually won via penalty shootout. The mood was very festive as parents and fans cheered on the kids who were playing with gusto. Indeed, it was a very successful tournament.

Congratulations to the organizers, the winners, and all the participants!

Mud Football fever hits Cebu (caloyphotography)